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Only God could tell why she had never been seen with a smile on her very attractive face. Although everybody knew that her parents had separated, but why she had been left with her father and not her mother was another thing that both the nosy and the concerned failed to understand.

Juliet on her own had more to think about. She had no idea of her mother’s whereabouts. “Why has she refused to visit, or at least call?” She often wondered. To her, there was no reason to smile or show any sign of happiness. She wore a demeanour of sadness and soberness from dawn to dusk, each day.

Mr. Ben, Juliet's father, did not help matters. At first, he used various cunning ways to neglect her questions about her mother; he was very professional at giving evasive answers to simple questions. Later, when he could no longer take her unending questions, he resorted to telling her not to think or ever dream of seeing her dear mother again.

Her father did not stop at that, he minimized her freedom; she hardly steps out of the house. Her extent of freedom was limited to her school only.


Julliet adjusted her brown satchel as she sighted her destination. She heaved a sigh in pure fatigue and kicked an empty cola can; it rolled on till it was stopped under a foot. She looked at the fellow's face, and after rolling her light brown iris, she muttered 'sorry' and made to go.

"That was a nice kick," he said with a smile.

"Thanks," she said and made to go.

"Juliet, why are you in such a hurry?" he asked.

She was surprised. For a man as him to know her name, then more of his kind will surely know her.

"Harrison, I have a class," she said.

"Oh, so you know me? Am I that famous?" he asked.

"Is it possible that someone here does not know you? I doubt it!" She said and he laughed.

Juliet was very sure that there could hardly be anyone in the school who was without knowledge of Harrison – Handsome Harry.

Harrison got his nickname from his good looking features. Every girl in the school would have loved to be his, but his strong vice would not let them.

Handsome Harry was believed to have slept with almost every girl in the school. Coupled with that, he had a gang that was known for terrorizing both male and female students. Any girl who dared refuse them would surely face their wrath. A lot of girls had been harassed; and most times, these same girls that had been forced were later found with them, looking cheerful. Other students who were yet to fall victim to their advances often wondered if they were using charms or not.

"So, what do you have to say?" Juliet asked.

"Juliet, I want us to be friends, I mean very close friends."

Her heart skipped a beat.

"What do you think?" he asked further.

"Harrison, I'm sorry to say that we cannot be friends."

"Why?" He asked.

"I am not ready for any relationship."

He smiled.

"Juliet, you can't fool me."

"Fool you? How?"

"Just don't think that I can be fooled. I'll take you by your word; but if I find you with a guy, just know that both of you are in trouble," he said.

"Why are you threatening me?"

"Don't worry Julie, you'll soon get an answer to your question."

"I’m never scared of you; get that straight into your head." She said.

"You're so combative. I hope you'll be like this as events unfold between us."

Harry made to go but Juliet hurriedly grabbed his left hand. She immediately let it go as he looked questionably at her.

"Harry, I'm sorry if I sounded rude."

"It's nothing," he said.

"I have a question to ask."

"I'm listening..."

"What do you want from me?"

"I want your body!"

She squeezed her face.

"Harry, is this how you threaten every girl? How many girls have you slept with? Have you ever thought of the fact that you can contract HIV? Anyway, I can’t be victimized this way."

"Are you sure about that?"

She sighed.

"Harry, please let me be. I came to this school to study, don't frustrate me."

He simply laughed.

"It's not funny!" she said.

"It is!"

Juliet looked soberly at him while he laughed.

"So tell me... What's funny about this?"

"What's funny is that you're parading yourself like a naive girl, which you're not."

"I'm not naive Harry, but I'm decent. I know who I am!"

"Are you insinuating that you are innocent?"

"Innocent in what manner?"

He laughed.

"I'm surprised..."


"That you seem childish."

She rolled her eyeballs in their sockets.

"Whatever! Harry, I'm getting late."

"Alright, go on."

She barely walked five feet away when he called;

"Julie, I love you."

She hissed, and he laughed in return.

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I. Davidposted on 3rd Feb 2021 17:25:13

@Precious. I'm glad you do.

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This novel is wonderful, fantastic, i enjoyed it

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Wow! What a story!


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