Life of a celebrity Ep. 1
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Eve’s hopes had dropped a little lesser than before; this was another audition she was trying out to at least get a role in any movie at all. Her dream was to be a lead actress, but with the look of things she wouldn't mind if she finds herself in the ‘Amebo group'; at least, that’s not a bad way to start.

She walked into the audition hall and waited in line, just like the others. She began to pray for forgiveness of all the sins she had committed; maybe that might be her stumbling block.

Her eyes caught his poster – the man of her dreams – Simon. He was beyond rich and was greatly influential. What wowed Eve most was the level of charisma he exhibited in every movie he had been featured in. He had all the money one could ever wish for, but he still makes time available to feature in movies. He was this sweet, loving, gentle lover… Oh what a man!

“If I could just have a guy like that...” she thought to herself. “All these small boys of our time don't even know how to love.”

What she failed to understand is that, there is a big difference between movie and reality.


A maid cried out of his duplex because she didn't kneel before greeting him. A proud, heartless soul. He got any script he wanted; the directors had no choice because he damn good. They just had to allow him.

"Get me my car keys!" He ordered when he got out of his duplex.

The errand boy was too slow for liking. When he got back from work, he said to the errand boy:

"You're fired!"

Straight to the poor boy’s face. For a certainty, someone else would replace him.

"Stephen, get me another smart one!" he ordered.

Stephen was one of his bodyguards he couldn’t shake off. His fearsome grandfather made it so.

He added, "Give those girls in the guest room two hundred thousand Naira each, and please make sure they disappear before I come back.”

Oops! One more thing... He was a flirt. No one could deny the fact that he was extremely handsome. That explains why he had at least two ladies for every night.

"Evelyn Onyiye!"

She hurried up on stage to face the judges.

"Compose yourself, you can do this!" Her mind warned before she carried out the judges’ instructions.

"We'll get back to you," they said to her after her performance.

She had always heard those disappointing words from all her auditions. She knew for a fact that they would never get back to her, so she deemed it as another jammed rock.

She didn't wait; she bowed her head and found her way through the back door, only to bump into Simon – her mister perfect.

"What the…” he paused for a second. “Stephen get this piece of rag off my face."


Her initial joy faded immediately. Right there and there, a long complicated story began.

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Mikeposted on 26th Aug 2019 22:57:59

It's gonna be fun


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