Life of a celebrity Ep. 11
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Life of a celebrity Ep. 11

By Abfictionstories   27th Aug 2019
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He initially felt embarrassed. This was a secret nobody knew about, not even his close friend Bruno. He had always had nightmares about his father, right from his tender age; about how he tried to strangle him to death at the age of 9, how he tried to drown him at the age of 12, and how he always locked him up in his cupboard for days. It played repeatedly, in his subconscious mind. All that hurt and pain were an emotional trauma. He was truly damaged.

"It's okay! You can trust me… Please."

She beckoned and extended her hands. He hesitated with his head bowed. She climbed onto the bed. He tried to move backwards but she held his arm.

"Come here!"

She brought him closer to her chest. He could feel her heart beat so fast. For a moment, it felt really awkward when she soothed through his hair.


He attempted to say something but she hushed him.

"Tell me about it tomorrow."


In a split of a second, they both felt comfortable, and then relaxed. He fell asleep. He was too heavy for her to carry so she gently placed his head on the pillow. He noticed, and drew her back onto the bed. He cuddled her.

"Stay with me!"

She couldn't tell if what she was doing was actually right. Was she going too far with this? He wouldn't let her go. She wouldn't deny the fact that she loved his muscular arms around her.

She thought to herself, “What could possibly happen if she eventually falls for him? How would he react if he finds out she was paid to prepare him as a business tool?”

He fell asleep, she did too.

He woke up the next morning and found out she had left earlier. He didn't know if he could face her after what she had seen. He remained in his room for a while.

Eve got a surprise call from her biological mother. She ignored it. She considered that woman a curse. Her biological mother was simply the richest in the city; she had so much power and substance. She was the sole owner of "Sara Corps Ltd".

Both of them met two years ago, but Eve never considered Yvonne as her mother. She was ruthless, cruel and over-ambitious. Yvonne abandoned her as a baby to seek wealth; she came back many years later to seek for her when she could no longer give birth. She would rather live in abject poverty than to live with her biological mother.


Out of nowhere, Eve saw Yvonne march into Simon's mansion and requested,

"Where is my son?"

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