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“Amanda!” He called out her name over and over, “You’re mine!”

He moved towards her with extended arms in all seriousness. Without a doubt, she was attracted to him, and she was aware of this. Her heart beat with every single step that he advanced towards her. He had her face in both of his hands now… and his lips were creeping closer…and closer.

“Noooooooooo,” her eyes shot open as the delicious feelings subsided, and realization began to hit that she was a married woman.

Amanda had woken up with a start, waking Richard, her husband along with her.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, annoyance clear on his face. “Having disturbing dreams again?”

“Yes…” Amanda said, shortly.

“Good,” he answered, turning sides with a yawn, “keep them to yourself.”

He was deep asleep within a minute. Amanda sighed and lay on the bed once again, not attempting to go to sleep. She was still in full awe of the dream, and felt butterflies in her stomach. There were no words to describe the frustration she was feeling right now. She wondered what would have happened in the dream if she had not woken up.

This was not the first time that she had this dream. Eric was not aware of this, but she had been having the same erotic dream, over and over, every single night, for over a month. The features of the man who had attempted to make intimate advances towards her in her sleep were deeply engraved in her memory. She wondered if the lack of human closeness was the reason why her mind had been formulating up these dreams, for her husband did not have any feelings for her.

She shut her eyes and saw him again, passion obvious on his face. Passion, which was only for her. She wanted her dream to come back and continue where they had left off, but it never happened that way. They began from the very start and worked up to the point where she was roused by her own guilt, never being able to reach the end.

Amanda saw his handsome features with her eyes closed, and wondered, ‘who are you?’,


“Eric!” said Amanda, approaching him as he was leaving for work the next day.

“Mmhm?” he said, looking at her reflection in the mirror, as he tied his tie-knot.

“I wanted to talk to you about something,” she said, observing his mood carefully.

“Actually...” Eric admitted, calmly, “I wanted to discuss something with you as well.”

“What is it?” asked Amanda, noticing that he looked more care-free than he usually did.

“I think we should get divorced,” he said, quite casually, “It’s not working out.”

“And you are telling me this, now?” she asked, “How long have you been thinking about this?”

“Since I met someone who is better suited for me,” he replied, making her gasp.


It was the first night that Eric had moved out, and she was now a divorcee. She lay on the bed and wept. Not at the loss of her spouse, but at where life had taken her and what it had given her. She cried out loud in self-pity, her sobs echoing in the dark room, and eventually sank into a slumber…


His arms extended towards her once more. His head was inches away from hers, and the gap between their lips was becoming lesser with every passing moment. This time, Amanda didn’t stop him. He pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss, and her eyes shut open, soaking in his warmth, the sweet scent that lingered on his skin.

Her eyes flew open. Everything had been so minute. Dreams were usually vague, not as crystal clear as this.

She wondered who he was, what these dreams meant. Were they a sign of her longing?

If only you were real…


Few weeks later...

She paid for the groceries that she had bought and exited the shop. Taking out her cellphone, she opened her to-do-list and scanned the things which she had to still fetch from the market, when her eyes suddenly rested on a familiar figure on the street.

She deliberately neared him, to take a closer peek, when realization hit her that this was the mysterious stranger that she had been seeing in her dreams. She was constantly staring at him, when suddenly, he met her stare.

As their eyes met, a flicker of recognition passed his face and she noticed that he also seemed to know her. She wondered, if he too had been seeing her in his dreams, just as she was seeing him. Without needing any reason, their legs strode towards each other, pacing up, meeting each other midway.

No words were needed to explain the situation. It was as if they both knew what the other’s motive was. His arms enwrapped her, while hers encircled his neck, and they remained locked in an embrace, breathing the other’s presence.

When they released each other, he lowered his head, pressing his lips to hers in a tender kiss. She too, gave a tiny peck on his lips, before he embraced her again. While Hailey was in his arms, she finally felt complete. He was the one, and she had found him. He was hers to keep. There wouldn’t be any frustrated nights or restless days anymore. He was all she had wanted, needed, and lacked, her entire life. The dark clouds in her life, had finally been lifted.

They did not know, whether the dreams were a prophecy that determined their meeting each other today, or glimpses of their bond, in another time. Were they lovers, with the dreams being subconscious memories from the forgotten past life? They did not know, and would never be able to find out, but that was okay. They were together and had each other. It was all that mattered…


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Peristo goldposted on 22nd May 2020 17:13:54

very lovely story,i love it

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