Flatten the COVID-19 curve
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Know the facts 
Wash your hands regularly 
Keep your distance 
Reduce the risk 
Flatten the curve.

Join the fight against the virus 
Donate the little that you can 
Support the frontline heroes 
Listen to the advice given 
Flatten the curve.

Love yourself 
Love your family 
Love your neighbor 
Love your country 
Flatten the curve.

Lockdown lies 
Lockdown selfishness 
Lockdown stubbornness 
Lockdown irresponsibility 
Flatten the curve.

Spread the word, not the virus 
Spread positivity, not pessimism 
Spread unity, not conspiracies
Spread unity, not conspiracies 
Spread love and kindness, not hate and stigma 
Spread unity, not conspiracies 
Spread love and kindness, not hate and stigma 
Flatten the curve.

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Flatten the COVID-19 curve

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