Husband thief Part 2
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OBI  2nd May 2020
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Shocked at the sight before her, Pelumi stood transfixed like she had seen Jesus. This was a huge shock; the person in front of her wasn’t one she imagined seeing for a long while. She swore she could have slapped this lady if they had met anywhere but here and now; the timing was wrong.

Her mind went loose and thin, and she recalled how they parted ways, that stupid fight because of a guy.

An understanding, lasting over fifteen years ended without an adieu; to make matters worse, a dumb fellow at that.

Coming back to her present day, she feigned a grin that even Jupiter won’t appreciate.

“What leads you here to my residence; I presume I’m safe”.

“Hahan, is that how you greet a bosom buddy of yours?”

She smirked, “Bosom keh? Is that what you call yourself after the incident that led to our split? Please don’t patronize me here”.

Bisola was not content with the manner of welcome she had received; to top it up, she wasn’t rightly dressed for a visit of this magnitude. Just maybe, if she didn’t let her anger get the better of her and remained calm enough to examine the pictures and video sent to her, this might not be happening.

“At least I can come in!”

“Pardon my curiosity, but I assume you’re in the correct home”, she replied, while making way for her friend to enter. She walked her to the apartment she occupied.

Bisola’s mind was not warmed up for the next show; she could have sworn that she felt electrocuted with what greeted her – this was the exact model of her apartment – everything was the same, to the slightest little detail.

The living room was peach green, the curtain blinds were of the same colour as hers, the flat screen TV was the same inch, and so was the air-conditioners, fixated at both ends of the house. Although the apartment was smaller, she was left awestruck. She could bet this was a Déjà vu, what mind game could this be?

“Your place is nice,” she voiced, sitting with a smile any child will fall for without over thinking.

“Well, this is a token from one unreasonable man; see, I am still resentful towards you oh! But let me gist you small about what I’ve been through this past years.” She asked, “What should I serve you?”

“Water would do!”


I’m sorry for what transpired between us in the past. Please forgive me and tell me the gist, you know I love stories… Amebo like me!” she said smiling.

This was a changed character; the friend she knew never apologizes. “What must have happened to her?” she reflected on this as she served her a glass of water.

“I want you to tell me about what led you here”.

Bisola sipped a mouthful of water before answering the inquiry presented to her.

“My dear, it’s a minor coincidence”, she cooked up a tale that the devil would marvel at.

The talk between Pelumi and Bisola was long and, to an extent, an eye opener. Bisola knew she had been in the wrong, though it was necessarily not her fault, the man had made her insane and insecure. Her curiosity was laid bare. The man was a serial cheater and women flocked around him like flies, “husband thieves”. She murmured throughout the course of their discussion.

Secrets were let out, and she was wise enough to listen to every detail with rapt attention to the tiniest of info. A relieved and happy Bisola set off, knowing she had enough arsenals to fight with. Action; take action, was all she could hear and think of once she bid her friend goodbye, promising to invite her over for dinner.

Deciding the market would be a great place to start her journey home, she made a u-turn, heading for the marketplace.

As fate would have it, immediately she took the next turn, what greeted her hit her like an electric shock; a moving car would hit her and still be badly wrecked.

Her voice left her as she tried to say something. Her legs wobbled like someone who had just finished a marathon. She quickly leaned on the car next to her. She used her sweat-filled hands to clean her eyes. She must be seeing double, “Not Mary”?

This can’t be happening… Not to her, not to her.

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Blessingposted on 16th Nov 2020 05:32:02

Nice story. I love it.

Chiffoe!posted on 13th May 2020 13:00:53

Beautiful write up! With simple words, and easy naration that made the story flow like cold water at hot noon when the temperature is high..

Favorposted on 7th May 2020 00:15:05

Nice story. Pls I hope this is not the end. It is really captivating.

Uwaehileposted on 1st Mar 2020 17:22:42

Thank you very much. The next episode would be out very soon @Bright and Kofi.

Brightposted on 24th Feb 2020 09:08:36

Short and concise. Kudos bro! When should we expect the next episode @Timothy?

Kofiposted on 24th Feb 2020 08:56:12

Interesting piece. I look forward to the next episodes

Husband thief

Table of Contents

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