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I knock. The door is one of those heavy gates. No one probably heard the knock. I am on a surprise visit to my daughter. She just stopped calling. I miss her. The door unlocks. A shy housemaid pokes her head outside; she looks curious and cautious.

I blink.

I blink again.

I assess her... Is this my daughter's maid, or have they moved to a different house? Oh, no… no. Why would my daughter treat her maid this way? God, is that a deep cut on her cheek? Oh, God. What did this maid do to my daughter? Look at her clothes. Look at her hair. I am appalled. How could my daughter treat her maid like this? When did she become so inhumane?

"Mama... Welcome!" The maid seeks to carry my bag. I decline. I mustn’t add to her burden.

"No, don't worry. Thank you."

I drag my bag into the living room. The maid looks nervous; too nervous, as if she had landed herself in some sought of trouble.

"Where is your madam?" I nestle into one of the plush sofas.


"Yes. Where is my daughter, your madam?"

I wipe some sweat from my brow using my lace handkerchief.

The maid begins to cry.

What silliness! Perhaps, this is why my daughter is cruel to her. She is so... sluggish.

Then I saw.

"Mama, it's me!"

Pain grips my chest almost immediately.

"Jesus! Kileleyi!?"

I wish I were blind so I would not see this. Is this really my daughter?

She sobs.

"He... He just..."

You don't have to tell me. He will come back to an empty house.

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I. Davidposted on 20th Jul 2020 20:19:10

Short and interesting. A meaningful story from this author.


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