Handwriting on the wall
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Harbinger of our doom
Hurtling through space
The asteroid is here too soon
Ignoble trial shall supervene
Running in circles, screaming and shouting will soon approach when doom calls
The platinum is risky
It's causing silent danger
Harbinger, the antagonist
Who leads human to outright exposure worse than fear
Still the opponent keeps impending dooms to humans
Fate is a gift
There is no escape from fate
Thinkers cannot overcome fear
Action overpowers fear
Taking away the path of dark sides
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Harbinger imminenting destruction
Get away!
Future uncertainties will soon be awake
We shall combat forces to ascertain our enemies
Alas! We shall fend off doom with bold beams.

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The author, Dorcas Nana Esi Wilson, is a poet/writer/novelist/story writer. She's talented in writing. She loves to write her heart out to inspire, motivate and give hope. Aside writing, she loves researching, reading, cooking and singing. You can catch her on: Email, [email protected] Facebook, @Dorcas Wilson Instagram, @wilsdorcas, @des_quo Twitter, @dorcas_wils. Dorcas writes✍✍✍: Pick up yourself Carry on Your rising star will reveal itself soon Your rising sun is yet to shine The door of contingencies await you Brush aside your false hopes and keep chins up Your hopeful days are yet to be revealed... "Even a little hope keeps one moving." That's my logic👆🏻


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I. Davidposted on 7th Sep 2020 11:37:22

Good work 👌

Handwriting on the wall

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