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Tick tock goes the clock
Tick tock, it's time to take stock
"Christmas comes but once a year"
It's time to fight the battles i have dawned for

Contemplating at the clock in disarray
Listening to the sound of mixed messages again
My heartbeat is beyond explanation
Life is counting down
Random memories flashback and never ceases

Tick tock, tick tock
Truly life is counting down
Tracing back lost time is impossible
Yesterday become memories
Future is uncertain
End is near
Tomorrow is today's dream
Time for action is now
Had i known will only hurt the soul
"Time changes," they say
Taking care of the moments you've now matters
Time changes but humans can still change it

Tick tock, tick tock
As the ryhthm of time sounds
I gaze at it in disarray
Involuntary beads of tears flowing down my cheeks
I rise up to face battles before time slips through my fingers
Who knows today might open the road to my success!

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About Dorcas Wilson

The author, Dorcas Nana Esi Wilson, is a poet/writer/novelist/story writer. She's talented in writing. She loves to write her heart out to inspire, motivate and give hope. Aside writing, she loves researching, reading, cooking and singing. You can catch her on: Email, dorcaswilson69@gmail.com Facebook, @Dorcas Wilson Instagram, @wilsdorcas, @des_quo Twitter, @dorcas_wils. Dorcas writes✍✍✍: Pick up yourself Carry on Your rising star will reveal itself soon Your rising sun is yet to shine The door of contingencies await you Brush aside your false hopes and keep chins up Your hopeful days are yet to be revealed... "Even a little hope keeps one moving." That's my logic👆🏻


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