God of Thunder Ep. 1
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DAVID  7th Sep 2020
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Baba Aworinde was enjoying the fresh breeze outside his hut on a recliner when some youths walked up to him. They were wailing. One of them carried the body of a young woman on his shoulder. 

"What's wrong? Why are you all crying?" 

Baba Aworinde asked.

"Father, my sister is dead!" 

One of the young men announced. 

Baba Aworinde sprang up, "Why are you spewing such nonsense, Ifatomi?"

The young man carrying the woman placed her on the ground and they  wailed. 

"Calamity! My daughter! Who did this to my daughter?" 

Baba Aworinde asked.


"We were working on our farms when we heard her crying. We ran up to her and we found her writhing in pain. The men that raped her had already fled before we got to the scene so we couldn't see their faces. She died afterwards!" 

One of the youths answered. 

"How many were they?" 

Baba Aworinde asked. 

"We saw only four men." 

"No problem! They killed my only daughter?! No problem!" 

Baba Aworinde said and carried the body of her daughter in. 

The youths wailed. 

Baba Aworinde reported the incidence to the king. The king consoled him first and assured him that the culprits would be found, and killed. Baba Aworinde left the king’s palace, feeling a bit relieved.

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God of Thunder

Table of Contents

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