Train Resonace
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Rickety, rick, rackety rack
The train sings on its old track
We swing with its tune 
Swaying and bouncing a moment too soon 
With upturned faces, the train rides us in locomotion
The far away trees appear to be stationary as the train rides us in motion

Up and down we go running in tunnels at the City centre
Passing through the elevated structures at Outer parts of the City
Wheels skidding; Choo-choo
Train moving slowly
Listen to its regular muffled explosive sound; Chug-chug
Movement with puffing sound; Chuff-chuff

Wheels skidding
Muffled explosive sound
Movement with puffing sound
Combing all the sounds

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About Dorcas Wilson

The author, Dorcas Nana Esi Wilson, is a poet/writer/novelist/story writer. She's talented in writing. She loves to write her heart out to inspire, motivate and give hope. Aside writing, she loves researching, reading, cooking and singing. You can catch her on: Email, Facebook, @Dorcas Wilson Instagram, @wilsdorcas, @des_quo Twitter, @dorcas_wils. Dorcas writes✍✍✍: Pick up yourself Carry on Your rising star will reveal itself soon Your rising sun is yet to shine The door of contingencies await you Brush aside your false hopes and keep chins up Your hopeful days are yet to be revealed... "Even a little hope keeps one moving." That's my logic👆🏻


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Train Resonace

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