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I dragged my suitcase in a lopsided gait into the hotel and smiled at the beautiful receptionist who seemed equally pleased to see me. I had packed too many clothes for this trip. I couldn’t pick which to take along, so I took them all. I am a woman who loves to slay. I can’t let the unavailability of the perfect combination stand in my way to slay.

Hell no! The call had come in late; informing me that the Managing Director of the company I worked for had specifically requested for the brightest and youngest in our division to accompany him to a business meeting which could see our company grow from a multimillion dollar company to a multibillion dollar conglomerate. I had been chosen, and even if I was over the moon, I still developed butterflies in my tummy.

I was going to meet Mr. Bassey of Base Rising Limited! It felt awkward. I had heard so much about Mr. Bassey, the millionaire. I didn’t know him though. I probably won’t even recognize him in a crowd. I did not care about that as long as I received my salary.

I checked into my room and opened my mail. There was a message from Mr. Bassey, oh my God! He informed me that he would send his driver to pick me up to meet him; and then we would go for the meeting. I studied the other documents in my mail before having dinner, setting an alarm, and closing my eyes for the beautiful hands of sleep to carry me. Suddenly, my eyes shot open again in what seemed like two minutes.

It was morning already and I realized that I had missed my alarm. I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom after checking my phone and seeing a text message from someone who said he was already waiting for me outside. That was probably the driver. Another beep came in. I speedily scrubbed my skin and brushed my teeth. In seconds, I was dressed in plain white shirt and dark skirt – so much for slaying. Time has never been a woman’s best friend.

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The early morning sunlight was lovely. I held my dark jacket in my hand over my black and lemon bag which matched my black and lemon shoes. I had light make-up on, but I stuffed my entire make up kit inside my bag, just in case. Right then I saw someone waving at me. He wore a dark cap and T-shirt with blue jeans. I was unable to tell what was happening until he pointed toward a car beside him.

Oh!  It hit me then. He was the driver. But ... God he looked so handsome from the distance. I walked quickly toward him in my medium height heels. As I approached him, he took off his cap and bowed humorously, gesturing with both hands at the dark Ferrari car.  His stylish hair blew in the wind, making him look even hotter. I could hardly believe that he was going to be my driver.

"Hi... Hope you slept well? I was beginning to think you did not get my text message. I’m Daniel, by the way. We should get going." He said with a smile, and his dimples made his already handsome face take a glorious shape. Ah! Jesus! This man should be given a place on the Guinness Looks of world record! And with immediate effect too, I thought. I honestly did not hear a word he said until that last part.

"Sure... We should." I said, quickly getting into the open back seat, trying hard to shade the admiration that had engulfed me. I saw the near gloom on his face as he closed the door and got into the driver's seat in front of me.  I had to admit, it felt good having this gorgeous man feel like he was not all that appreciated even if he had the face and body of an Egyptian god of romantic fantasies. It felt good because I considered it a score for the women folk against men; men who only saw women as tools that they could manipulate as they pleased.

Daniel said a few words in the car. I did not reply as much. My mind was channeled at meeting Mr. Bassey. I had to create a good first impression. This day could just make my career.

“We need to get some things for the meeting,” Daniel said.

“Okay… what sort of things?” I inquired.


“Well, for starters, a new purse for you,” He said.

A frown immediately distorted my face. What was wrong with the purse I had on me? What gave him the right to critique my fashion sense? A hot rush of steam flowed through my veins but I tried to remain calm. He probably wouldn’t know a good purse if it hit him in the face. Still, there was something mysterious, yet fascinating about this man that I could not place my finger on.

Daniel drove carefully and parked near a store. I waltzed inside and quickly got a purse of my choice, refusing to throw even the slightest look at Daniel who walked closely behind me.

“Mr. Bassey is paying for this, right?” I asked.

“Yes, he is” He said with a tilt of his head.

It was time to go and Daniel left the door open for me and stood just outside. I moved briskly, swaying my hips and cat walking with my head held high. I planned to breeze past Daniel without giving him the faintest stare, but just as I reached the door he smiled, exposing that amazing set of teeth. I hit one foot on the other and lost balance, quickly tumbling forward for a fall. Just as I prepared to crash land, I suddenly felt strong masculine hands catch me. Time stood still, and it took a while before I understood what had happened.

I had my face buried in his chest, and my hands in his.

"Are you okay?" He said. His eyes were dark and sexy. His perfume filled my nose with bliss and his hands on my body gave me many ideas. But I snapped out of it and he helped me up. Just then I looked down and realized that something had fallen out of his pocket as he bent to catch me. I crouched down to pick it and froze on the spot.

It was his complimentary card. His name was Daniel Bassey… the Daniel Bassey I was supposed to meet.


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