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"It's never too late. Don't focus on what was taken away. Find something to replace it and acknowledge the blessing you have" - Drew Barrymore 

"Oh absolutely! I am very happy I can still see in my imagination," Mira said.  This is the story of Mira, a 29 year old girl and in turn the story of my life as a blind person "who does not see herself as a blind". 

When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. The doctor had a very tough choice to make: either to remove my eyes or to leave me to die a painful death. My family faced an extreme dilemma but they gave the consent to remove my eyes in order to save my life. My family was optimistic in supporting me through this hard time. It was a very difficult and challenging situation for me but my mother tried her best to console me.She consistently tried to motivate me by making references to some visually impaired persons who had accomplished their goals in life. She always said "God has given you hands, ears, nose; you don't need your eyes to see".My mother’s words deeply etched into my mind and I started teaching myself how to overcome my blindness. I practised day and night to master the skills I need, and it took me a year to get through things. I completed my studies from a normal school with good grades. 

I had a dream to be a master player in the scrabble game.Time passed, I completed my graduation and I was a gold medalist.I kept trying for my aim but every time I got rejected just because the game was for people with sight. I never gave up trying though people ridiculed me. I passed through that phase of my life where I started feeling socially isolated as a teenager and was stressed out. A question always struck my mind "Why me? Why did such a situation happen to me?"

I almost lost faith in God. I was depressed. 

My mother has always been my role model.She always has a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are and that gave me the strength and inspiration to face the problems.She said "remember it's just a phase of life. This too shall pass somehow."

She stood by my side strongly and after 6 years of struggles, I finally won 2 checkers competition at national level. I also won the World Visual Scrabble Championship in 2019. A student's success sounds incomplete without a teacher and in my journey my guru has assisted and supported me as he trains students for scrabble and other games. I finally achieved my goal. I am happy in my life and I have no remorse for being sightless because it's our thoughts that shape our vision. I am one of the chairperson of the renowned NGO that helps the visionless people who are ambitious and want to achieve their target.I am also engaged in other projects aiming towards the welfare of deaf-blind people.  Mira proudly said"It's never too late to get started on a new path of success and make things right".


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Portiaposted on 24th Jan 2021 01:23:11

Impressing! Courage and bravery are factors of success indeed. Kudos, #Team Coutales#

Mayank Senposted on 20th Jan 2021 09:50:41

Goodone 👍

Mayank Senposted on 20th Jan 2021 09:34:22

So good and inspiration story.... 😘🥰

I. Davidposted on 18th Jan 2021 13:38:11

A beautiful and inspiring one!

It's never too late

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