Life of a celebrity Ch.2 Ep. 13
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THE MOVIE : Philip had to feign the identity of the senior doctor just so Sara could respond to him. The girl was just too hard headed. He began to have second thoughts about his mission, but there was just something about this girl. She was worth trying.

"Young woman, you have to listen to me or else you might never walk again!"

He tried to threaten her because she wasn't paying any attention. She didn’t heed to his threats; she kept her eyes glued to her phone.

"You don't want to leave this hospital in one piece, don’t you?"

He threatened further, but unfortunately the senior doctor came in through the door.

"Uncle, your IT student is disturbing my life"

Shit! His boss was her uncle?


Simon was not himself. Eve tried to wave off the issue and assured him that she would get the company back on its feet.

"We are talking about billions of Naira, Eve. Where do you want to get that kind of money from?"

"I will merge Celtic and Spotlight together for the meantime till I am able to raise enough cash for Spotlight. What do you say about that?"

He simply hugged her. God had indeed blessed him with an asset, a woman who he was sure would support him.

"Thank you!"

Nkoli had made arrangements, it was time to let the cat out of the bag. Since Eve was now a pain in his ass, he wanted to finally break her, push her off balance, and while she was still unsettled, he would strike hard.

Peter had made the arrangements, but he had to make sure they were safe in a place where they could not easily be found. They had hired some hitmen and assassins who had been tasked with finishing off Eve.

Eve had the police issue a warrant. She initially didn't want them to be arrested but things had gone beyond her reach. The company had brought the case before the court already; she added her own offenses against them as just 'jara'.

She met Simon in his office reading the newspaper and said to him, "Don't worry, we will get them."

"That's not the issue now, Eve... Sonia has escaped from jail; she has been bailed."

She snatched the newspaper to see things for herself.

"But does it mean anything?" she asked.

Simon gave her that look that made her remember that Sonia was the one who pushed her off the line. Sonia wants her dead.

Simon stood up and hugged her, "Don't worry, I am here. I will protect you."

"I will do the same for you, Simon."

She laughed until her phone rang.

"Eve!" said the caller.

She recognized the voice immediately.

"Eve, please help us... help us!"

It was her cousin.

The phone fell from her hands as she gasped in shock.

"Who called?" Simon rushed towards her before she lost her balance.

"It's my mum... my family..."

He didn't understand.

"Yvonne?" he asked.

She shook her head; it wasn’t Yvonne.

"My family. I heard them. Nkoli has them."

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Kofiposted on 29th Jun 2023 09:42:43

This is an interesting piece of story


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