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In a world where things are set apart by black and white, heaven or hell, light and dark, good or bad, right or wrong, we often have to make choices that will affect our lives for good. But by how much?

As I walk down a dark and quiet tunnel, I keep hearing dripping of water and the whispers of the wind coming from the other side.

“How did I get here?” I asked myself.

I looked behind, and like what I saw before, it was just a long dark path. The only thing that differ was what the cold lonely breeze and echoes of battle and pain. Then suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the other side.

“This is the end of the line for you, old friend,” A familiar voice… Who it belonged to was the question.

I kept trying to recall as to where I am, how I got here and who that voice was. But then a bigger issue hit me…

“Who am I?”

I stood still in the middle of what seemed like an endless tunnel, wondering at which path to take. Should I go back to where I was and find out my past? Or should I move forward and discover what awaits me? Go back to the sound of battle or to the unknown silence ahead?

I wasn’t sure.

I don’t know exactly how long I stood there. It might have been minutes, hours or days. Light never seem to touch the grounds of this tunnel and no person comes by.

I was alone.

After a while, the echoes turned into screams. I could hear the battle from behind me so clearly. The sound of heartache and cries from different people. Clashing sounds were slowly filling the tunnel.

At the same time, the whispers of the wind grew stronger, little by little. It felt as if I was being pulled forward; turning me away from the battle. But I was hesitant. I felt conflicted.

Despite the horrors of battle, it felt real and familiar. That gave me a sense of security, unlike the other path that only gave me uncertainty.

And then for the first time, the wind spoke. “Choose… Choose!”

A different voice spoke from the other direction, “Coward!”

It was the same voice as the first one I heard. But this time there was more anger. I knew I had to decide. I knew I can’t stay here forever, but it wasn’t a decision I could make lightly. So I just closed my eyes and let my feet take me to where I had to go. I knew if I just let my heart do the thinking, it’ll lead me to the right path.

The sound of battle grew softer and quieter. I found myself standing in front of an old wooden door. I reached for the handle and slowly I opened the door.

What was behind it left me in awe: It was a beautiful forest where the sound, atmosphere and smell made me feel at peace. And there appeared a maiden that was more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. She walked up to me and smiled which almost blinded my eyes and left me breathless.

“Welcome brave warrior. I applaud you for walking down this path. I know it must have been difficult to choose.”

“Wait! Your voice! That was what I heard in the wind, before!”

“Yes. Indeed. It was I.”

“Where am I?”

“You have been reborn into a new world of a different time. You died in a horrible war in the hands of an old friend. And now you can live your life here in service of a greater purpose. But that is all up to you.”

“Wait… who am I?”

She smiled again to me as if what I asked was something so obvious.

“Who you are is where you choose to be”


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Happinessposted on 11th Jul 2019 22:35:04

Life or death? Unconscious decision of the mind that can be made consciously.

Your place

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