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DAVID  29th Nov 2021
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Maybe so, maybe not. Most childhood friends have stronger bonds than best friends who met while studying at the university. However, I do not dispute the fact that some newly met friends may have stronger bonds and affection. But during ‘CRISIS’, the childhood friends have better chances of settling their odds than the new friends we meet. 

How is it possible? 

When childhood friends quarrel over a misunderstanding and the dust settles, they would simply go into nostalgia of their past together, possibly back to when they were six years old. When they fight and it becomes too difficult to reunite, check the cause of the CRISIS very well. Maybe, they gave the wrong reason for their fight. It does happen. 


Our story starts...


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About I. David Olusanya

Imole Olusanya is a writer and a lover of art. He has written a number of books in the genres of literature but he mainly write prose. He writes largely works of fiction, ranging from city stories to village tales. Alongside writing, he loves reading and drawing.


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Comments (3)

Country Talesposted on 10th Dec 2021 15:56:19

@Little Christ... Thank you for your comments. The author would be glad to read them.

Little Christposted on 10th Dec 2021 14:13:21

What an ending! This is one great piece of writing.

Little Christposted on 5th Dec 2021 18:28:48

Suspenseful. What a drastic change of events! Anticipating for more.

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