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Dear Jean,

I find myself in an even harder situation. It seems like I'm getting thrown from a heated frying pan directly into the fire.

My previous letter expressed my fears concerning my admission to the university. Based on your advice, I refused to listen to my parents. I threw my fears behind me.

Everything seemed normal at first, but I’m beginning to feel that the ugliest thing could be hidden in an appealing package.

It didn’t take me too long before I made new friends at school. Guess what!? I got myself a new girlfriend: her name is Bukky, and she is two years ahead of me. Have no fears, Jane—no one can take your place in my heart! I am only dating her because I figured she might know some hidden truths about this school. Who knows if she's all I need to get to the root of all these mysteries?

Actually, I have unravelled a mystery. The most influential people in our society are the ones behind the disappearance. Their main targets are intelligent students across various levels, departments, and faculties. My twin siblings were among the best in their departments too. My girlfriend has always been an average student, so her safety is guaranteed. But there is a problem here—I am the best student in my department.

When I disclosed this information to my parents, they demanded that I drop out immediately. I think I know why my siblings went missing. But what happened to them? Who are these influential people behind this, and what are their motives?

Evil is lurking. I am scared. Should I back off now?

With love,


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About I. David Olusanya

Imole Olusanya hails from Ibadan, Nigeria. He has written a number of books in the three major genres of literature. He writes largely works of fiction, ranging from city stories to village tales. Alongside writing, he loves reading and drawing.


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Dear Jean

Table of Contents


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