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Dear Jean,

A lot of events have unfolded, and I am still in shock. It turns out that Bukky was in the same situation as me. She's also in school to find a solution to the happenings. I was relieved to know that.

Bukky will graduate this year. She happens to be my siblings’ mate. She is a genius, but she will graduate as an average student. She only pretended to be average so that she would not end up becoming a victim.

Here is the shocker of truth I discovered for myself… Bukky is the only daughter of the Director of Academic Affairs. And without a doubt, the director is one of the big fish troubling the ocean.

Bukky is very aware of this; she has known about it for a long time. However, she has been unable to do anything about it. Bukky has a gang on campus with whom she is addressing this matter.

Do you know what’s most shocking: Bukky does not love me one bit! She accepted to date me because she knew that I was on campus for the same reason.

Yesterday, my parents called me and told me that I needed to travel overseas. They claimed that my safety was no longer assured. I was suspicious, so I bugged their room. Aargh! The realisation of the truth shook my delicate world. How could my dear parents know anything about this matter?

It turns out my siblings were never missing. I had been fooled all these years, like many others. I found out that one of my twin siblings was in the United States while the other was in Britain, both studying! They were oppressors playing victims.

This is too shocking! What do I do, Jean? Should I confront my parents, or should I just go with their plan?

Yours lovingly,


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About I. David Olusanya

Imole Olusanya hails from Ibadan, Nigeria. He has written a number of books in the three major genres of literature. He writes largely works of fiction, ranging from city stories to village tales. Alongside writing, he loves reading and drawing.


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Dear Jean

Table of Contents


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