Love in the Serengeti Episode 2
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Back in her country, Linda struggled to readjust to her old life. The memories of Tanzania lingered in her mind like a sweet melody, and she found herself daydreaming about the Serengeti and the moments she had shared with Malik. She would often go through the photographs she took during the safari, each image serving as a vivid reminder of the enchanting adventure she had embarked upon.

She stayed in touch with Malik through emails and occasional video calls, sharing stories of her daily life while he updated her on the happenings in Tanzania. The more they communicated, the stronger their connection grew, but neither Linda nor Malik dared mention the feelings that had started to take root in their hearts.

As the months passed, Linda couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from her life. The hustle and bustle of the city seemed dull in comparison to the vibrant wilderness she had experienced in Tanzania. She missed the open skies, the earthy scent of the savannah, and, most of all, Malik.

One day, while going through her photographs, Linda came across a picture of herself and Malik laughing together under the shade of an ancient baobab tree. The sight of his warm smile tugged at her heartstrings, and in that moment, she made a decision—she couldn't ignore the feelings she had for Malik any longer.

With trembling hands, she composed a heartfelt letter to Malik, confessing her emotions and expressing her desire to see him again. She poured her heart into every word, uncertain of how he would respond but knowing that she had to take the risk.

Days turned into weeks, and Linda anxiously awaited Malik's reply. Doubt crept into her mind as she wondered if she had been too forward, but just when she had nearly lost hope, a response arrived. Malik's words were sincere and filled with warmth, reciprocating her feelings. He confessed that he had been grappling with the same emotions and was overjoyed to know that she felt the same way.

Encouraged by Malik's response, Linda made up her mind to return to Tanzania. This time, it wouldn't be just another safari; it would be a journey to explore the possibilities of a life together.

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Love in the Serengeti

Table of Contents


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