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Jealousy comes in different guises. People get jealous, which seems normal, but there are just the abnormalities of it. That feeling of jealousy may set in when you watch a close friend become the center of attention while no one notices you. Jealousy may be natural, but our inability to keep it in check poses a lot of danger, not only to others but to ourselves.


Mide works with a top modelling agency. She and three other ladies got employed at the same time, and in just a few months of starting, she hit the top. Mide had everything she needed to advance her career. Her success seemed natural. She was endowed with physical beauty; though she struggled financially in the past, she became not only rich but famous and influential. She became a model for many manufacturing companies, especially those in the niche market of cosmetics. It was at work that she found her lover, and life smiled widely at her.

Pero was superior to Mide at the agency. Although she had worked there for years before Mide’s arrival, she was stunned when news emerged that Mide had been promoted above her. She had given Mide every support she could give her, but watching Mide rise so high hurt her badly. There was little she could do other than to hide them behind her fake smiles. 

Mide did not know how jealous Pero was, but other models in her shoes knew that the best way to send Mide back to the mud was to use her trusted friend, Pero.

Pero gave in without a second thought. She and four other models set the beautiful angel up. Mide had no idea of what was going on. Whenever Mide had an appointment, Pero was the one in charge of reminding her in case she forgot. Mide had a calendar for marking the dates and important events. But Pero destroyed everything. She cleared Mide's major events; the forgetful Mide never noticed. Pero equally badmouthed her. A lot of companies that had endorsed her started seeing her as proud. Mide began to fall. She was no longer the angel she had been in everyone's eyes. Her story made headlines for the wrong reasons.

The modelling agency decided to give her a break, and in her absence, another model took her place. A lot of the companies cut deals with her. Mide began to wonder what could have possibly gone wrong; Pero acted like a saint.


When Pero was out of place, none of the jealous ones became famous; the spotlight was taken by another junior instead. While Pero's accomplices were ready to bring the new model down too, Pero already felt bad. Seeing Mide's tears hurt her badly. To her, Mide might have surpassed her, but she never disrespected her. Mide trusted her a lot.

Pero equally realised how much bringing Mide down had affected her too. Her conscience was torturing her and all the favours she got from being the eye of the agency's friend had stopped. She decided to end everything.

When Mide saw her senior and friend confessing her deeds in the print and on the electronic media, she cried hard. It was not as if she had not realised that Pero was the reason behind her failure, but she understood why. Pero was just being a human with feelings. Seeing her confess her crimes made her forgive her.

Pero was not only apprehended with the four others for the scandal, but she also lost her job with the modelling agency along with others. Their act caused Mide a big hit on returning to work. She soared higher.

Mide forgave her friend and offered her more than forgiveness. While being interviewed by a media organisation on the matter, she spoke on behalf of her friend to protect her reputation. Mide felt it would be evil if Pero lost all the trust the world had in her.

I am not saying that what Pero did was right or that I would have done the same, but I am sure she was pushed by others. She was jealous, and not every one of us can control this feeling. Pero has been great to me and I think I should do the same now. Without her, I would not have been here. I am sure that she has equally learnt her lessons just as I have learnt mine. I will stand up for her anytime, any day, "Mide said, all smiles.


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