Reunion Ep. 2
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The separation weighed heavily on Afi and Kojo's hearts, but the flame of their love continued to burn brightly through the letters they exchanged. Their penmanship danced across the pages, weaving tales of longing, hope, and dreams. Each letter was a lifeline, connecting their souls across the distance that kept them apart.

Afi would eagerly await the postman's arrival, her heart pounding with anticipation. Every time a letter arrived, she would retreat to her secret hideaway in the forest, a small clearing where sunbeams filtered through the branches, creating a patchwork of light and shadow.

Sitting on the soft grass, she would unfold the delicate paper, inhaling the faint scent of lavender that clung to it. Kojo's words leapt off the page, filling her heart with warmth and joy. Through their letters, they shared their daily adventures, their hopes and dreams, and the deepening love that bound them together.

Kojo, too, cherished those moments of solace when he could pour his heart onto the parchment. He would find a quiet corner in his new town, seeking solace in the familiar act of writing. His words danced with a tenderness only Afi could evoke, weaving a tapestry of emotions that bridged the gap between them.

Their letters became evidence of their enduring love, a lifeline that sustained them through their teenage years. Despite the physical distance, their hearts grew stronger with every exchanged letter—their bond deepened with each stroke of the pen.


As the years passed, fate smiled upon them once again. The universe conspired to bring Afi and Kojo together in an unexpected twist of destiny. It was during a traditional festival in a neighbouring town that their paths were destined to cross.

Afi had convinced her parents to attend the festival, her heart yearning for a taste of the world beyond their village. As she wandered through the crowded streets, her eyes caught sight of a familiar face amidst the sea of strangers. It was Kojo.

With pounding hearts and a rush of emotions, they found themselves face-to-face, their eyes meeting after years of separation. The world around them faded into the background as they embraced, their souls finding solace in the warmth of each other's arms.

"You're here," Afi whispered, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.

Kojo smiled, his eyes sparkling with a mixture of disbelief and delight. "I couldn't stay away. I knew we'd find our way back to each other."

Their reunion felt like a dream—a surreal melding of past and present. They spent hours catching up, relishing the opportunity to share their stories face-to-face. It felt as if no time had passed at all, regardless of the physical distance.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Afi and Kojo found solace in each other's presence. They knew that their journey had only just begun, but the years of separation had only served to strengthen their love.

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Table of Contents


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