Reunion Ep. 4
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Afi anxiously awaited Kojo's response to her heartfelt letters. Each day, she would make her way to the post office. But as the days stretched into three long months, her excitement transformed into worry and uncertainty.

Her mind raced with questions. Has something happened to Kojo? Is he alright? The silence was unbearable, and Afi couldn't shake off the nagging feeling that something was amiss. Unable to bear the distance any longer, she made a difficult decision. She would travel to the town where Kojo lived to find out what had happened.


Afi's determination outweighed her fear as she borrowed money from her mother and embarked on a journey to the unfamiliar town. Every mile she travelled, her heart beat faster with a mixture of anxiety and hope. She imagined their reunion, their embrace after months of separation, and the tender words that would flow from Kojo's lips.

Finally arriving at her destination, Afi's anticipation heightened. She stepped into the lively market square, her eyes scanning the faces of the townsfolk. And then, as if the world stood still, she saw him. Kojo was riding a donkey, his laughter mingling with that of a girl by his side. Their laughter echoed through the square, a melody that cut through Afi's heart like a knife.

A shock coursed through Afi's veins as she stood frozen in disbelief. Her heart shattered into a thousand fragments as she watched them together, seemingly carefree and oblivious to her presence. The pain engulfed her, making it difficult to breathe. How could Kojo betray her?

Questions began to flood her mind. Her vision was blurred by tears. How could he be with someone else? What has gone wrong? The pain engulfed her, threatening to drown her in a sea of heartache.

Summoning the remnants of her strength, Afi approached them, her voice quivering. "Kojo?"

Kojo's eyes widened in surprise as he turned to face Afi. The smile on his face faltered and was replaced by a mixture of guilt and confusion. "Afi... I..."

His words trailed off, lost amidst the overwhelming emotions that swirled around them. The young woman beside him, sensing the tension, excused herself, leaving Afi and Kojo alone.

Afi's voice trembled as she confronted Kojo, and her eyes filled with tears. "Kojo, why haven't you been writing to me? I've been so worried."

Kojo averted his gaze, the weight of his actions heavy upon him. "Afi, I... I'm sorry. I didn't know how to tell you. Things have changed."

The pain etched across Afi's face was palpable as she pressed on, her voice barely a whisper. "Changed? What do you mean, Kojo?"

Kojo's voice quivered as he tried to explain. "Afi, please, let me explain. I thought you had moved on. Your letters stopped coming, and I didn't know what to think. I never meant to hurt you. The lady on the horse with me is... my girlfriend; her name is Aku."

Anger flared in Afi's eyes as she mustered the strength to confront him. "You thought I moved on? How could you? Didn't you know how much I loved you? I travelled all this way because I was worried about you, and this is what I found!"

The world around her spun in a haze of disbelief. The love they had shared, the promises they had made—it all felt like a cruel illusion.

Through her tears, she found a flicker of strength. "Kojo, I came here to find answers, and I have. It's clear that our paths have diverged, and as painful as it is, I have to accept that. But please, don't make empty promises. Let us part ways with honesty and respect."

Kojo reached out, his hand trembling, but Afi stepped back in a silent gesture of self-preservation. The reality of their broken love hung heavy in the air as she turned and walked away.

Kojo watched as Afi retreated, her steps heavy but resolute. As she disappeared into the distance, Kojo’s face was etched with regret and longing, knowing that he had lost the love of his life.

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