Reunion Ep. 6
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In the soothing embrace of the forest, Kojo and Afi found solace and renewal. Days turned into nights, and they spent their time immersed in the memories of their shared childhood. They relived the adventures that had brought them closer and rediscovered the simple joys that had sparked their love.

Hand in hand, they ventured to the serene stream where they had once spent countless hours. They dipped their toes into the cool embrace of the lake, reminiscent of the innocence they had shared in their childhood days.

They climbed trees, reaching for the sky with a sense of freedom. From their lofty perch, they gazed upon the world below, cherishing the moments of stillness and peace.


With time, forgiveness blossomed within Afi's heart. The love they had shared as children was too precious to be discarded, and Kojo's presence rekindled a flame she thought had been extinguished. They spoke of the years spent apart, the lessons they had learned, and the dreams they still held dear.

Underneath the starlit sky, with the moon casting a gentle glow upon them, Kojo took Afi to their favourite spot in the forest. Beneath the canopy of leaves, Kojo finally found the courage to lay his heart bare once more. With a trembling voice, he took Afi's hand and looked into her eyes, his love shining through.

Afi gasped, her heart racing, as Kojo dropped to one knee before her. "Afi, my love, you have been my guiding light, my constant source of strength and inspiration. We've shared a journey that defied distance and time, and I cannot imagine a life without you. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Afi's eyes welled up with tears of joy and relief. The scars of the past had healed, and the love they had shared as children had blossomed into something deeper and more profound. She nodded. "Yes, Kojo, a thousand times yes."

In that moment, the forest seemed to hold its breath as it celebrated the union of two souls destined to be together. The whispers of the trees carried their joy, as Afi and Kojo embraced, sealing their love with a tender kiss.

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Table of Contents


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