Reunion Ep. 7
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Their love story had come full circle. Kojo and Afi, childhood sweethearts, now stood at the precipice of a new chapter in their lives. In the bliss of their engagement, their hearts knit with promises of a future filled with love, trust, and unwavering devotion.

News of their reunion and impending marriage spread through the village. The townsfolk, who had witnessed their love story unfold from humble beginnings, rejoiced in the power of true love. The village, once a witness to their childhood adventures, now bears witness to their reunion.

As they prepared for their wedding day, Afi and Kojo embraced the beauty of second chances. They crafted invitations with their own hands, inviting friends and family to share in the joyous occasion. Each detail of the ceremony was carefully planned, woven with the threads of their shared history and the hope of a future filled with love and happiness.


On their wedding day, the village was adorned with flowers. Afi, radiant in her beautiful Kente gown, walked towards Kojo, who stood at the altar. 

They exchanged heartfelt vows—words resonating from the depths of their souls—and sealed their bond with rings, solidifying a union shaped by the passage of time and shared experiences.

Kojo and Afi walked hand in hand, a newlywed couple ready to face the adventures and challenges that lay ahead.


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Table of Contents


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