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Ovie’s case was different; hers was a bet he had with his friends. Ovie, a good Christian, is always seen in her frequent visits to church, her involvement in church activities, and the loudness of  her voice when she prays. She was Emeka’s neighbor when he lived in Ikeja. She was a teacher at one of the secondary schools nearby. 

His friends had teased him and dared him to get her. He loved challenges, especially the ones that involved people; they were his  favorites. He launched his strategy. He started to greet her and respond to her greeting more than he should.  

On day one, he engaged her in a conversation concerning education and educating teens. On day  two, he asked her to recommend a church for him, as he wanted to “take his spiritual life  seriously.” He knew she would invite him to her church. She did not disappoint him. 

They started going to church together. When his friends got wind of this new development, they  laughed at him. They teased that Ovie had conquered him. He  told them not to count their chickens before they hatch. 

Emeka and Ovie became so close that they started praying together. He called her over one day,  told her he was confused. He wanted to know the Bible's instructions for overcoming feelings for  someone. She heaved a sigh and explained so much about the importance of prayer. All the  while, he looked dreamily at her. His eyes bore into hers. She looked away. He smiled. He had  made her feel uneasy. The room was lit red. He had purposely removed the yellow bulb and replaced it with the red one. The room was cozy.  

“Can I kiss you?” he blurted out. 

There was silence. Ovie looked at him and looked away. She meant to stand but then decided against it. She sat down. 

“Why?” she asked. He said nothing. She stood up again and walked toward the door, but suddenly stopped.  

“Yes!” she murmured with her eyes closed. 

“Seriously?” he asked, not surprised. 

“It's only a kiss, right?” She added, "It's not like we are doing any other thing, correct?” 

She convinced herself, “That’s not a sin.” 

He stood up and walked towards her slowly. He held her hands and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. He continued softly, and gradually, adding pressure. At first, she did not respond, but  eventually, she gave in. The kiss lasted for two minutes, and he had to stop. She gave him a  confused look. 

“I’m so sorry; I thought I could only end in just a kiss.” He walked away from her, enjoying every  bit of her discomfort. 

“Please leave!” he said and proceeded to his room. He lay on his bed  and waited. After about five minutes, she came into his room. 

“What do you want, Emeka?” 

He sat up.  

“What do I want?” He said, “I don’t know. The only thing I know is that each time I come closer to you, you affect me and stir up emotions that I have been suppressing for now. I don’t know what to do.” 

He began to cry after he had finished his sentences.

A concerned Ovie tried to console him. From there, they began to kiss again; they got  themselves naked. Emeka paused to see if she would come to her senses, but she urged him  on. They spent the night making love until the next day. 

He left her in bed while she slept. He laughed. Who knew Ovie would have so much sexual pleasure? He could not reconcile the fact that Ovie who gave him mind-blowing sex, is the same Ovie who leads prayer cells. He confirmed that his phone recorded the sessions as evidence to show his friends.  

Emeka was working on his laptop when Ovie came to the living room dressed. She meant to  sneak back to her apartment without facing him, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw him. 

“Last night was a mistake,” she said.

“I concur,” he responded with his arms folded. 

“Is that what you have to say?” she angrily asked. 

Emeka seemed confused.  

“I was just echoing what you said.” 

She sighed. “I don't blame you, I blame myself for being so stupid.” 

She left his living room. He laughed, chuckled, and called his friends. He avoided her and stopped picking up her calls. 

Two weeks later, she knocked on his door and said, “Emeka! Where have you been?” 

“Hi Ovie!” 

“You have not been coming to church.” 

“I attend a different church now.” 

“Haba-ah! Okay, why have you not been picking up my calls?” 

“I have been busy.” 

“Too busy to call back?” 

“Baby! I am still waiting,” Bisiola drawled from inside the bedroom. 

“I'm coming, babe,” he responded. 

“Who was that?” Ovie asked. 


“The owner of that voice!” 

“Oh! That’s my girlfriend.” He added, “Do you want to meet her?” 

“What?” she exploded. “You have a girlfriend?”

“I just met her.” 

“You must be thinking I'm stupid.” She paused, “So you used me…” 

“Used?!” He responded sarcastically, “We used each other!” 

“God will punish you,” she cursed. 

“Sister, you told me that God is too good to punish His children,” he mocked. 

“You are a bastard!” 

"Easy, sister Ovie." He responded calmly, “You aren't supposed to use those kinds of words.”

“You are very wicked,” 

“I know…” 

“I curse the day I met you…” 

“Are you done?” he asked. 

She continued to rain curses on him. He looked at her and said, “Next time, be sure to stick to what you preach.” 

He banged on his door, increased the volume of the music, and joined Bisiola in the room. 

Ovie moved out of the compound a month later. 

Emeka knew women, but Tosin was different. There was an aura around her. He was  determined to wait. He had a good feeling about Tosin. His phone rang after he buttoned his shirt. It was Tosin. She called to change the venue. She wanted him to come to her place and meet her sisters before they went to his “special” place. He had no problem with that. He took his car keys and left the house. It took him twenty minutes to get to Ikoyi from Lekki. When he  drove into her estate, he was giddy with excitement.  

Driving into her compound, Emeka alighted from his car. He called her and was directed to her  door. He opened the door and was ushered into a very cozy living room. He liked the interior  decoration. He took in the breath-taking beauty of the furniture. He settled into a sofa and  waited. 

“Hello handsome!” He heard a sonorous voice and looked up to see her climbing down the  stairs. He panicked. 

“Long time, no contact,” the voice continued as the owner walked towards him and eventually  stopped in front of him. Emeka tried to stand up. He had to leave immediately. He could not  stay. The lady, who was not Tosin, shoved him into the seat. 

“Will you sit down there?” she commanded. 

“Please!” he begged. 

The lady laughed so hard that her head was thrown backward. Another voice joined in the laughter, and a third voice, which Emeka recognized as Tosin’s, remembered how he had treated Linda. 

Linda was his steady girlfriend in school whom he had convinced to commit several 

abortions for him. Eventually, he broke the relationship after he convinced her to have her eighth abortion, which damaged her womb. He had told her he wouldn’t marry someone  who couldn’t have children and moved on with his life. Linda tried to commit suicide, but eventually she found solace in her involvement with church activities. 

The second lady, Aisha, was the girl he had steady sex with when he was a corps member in  Kaduna. He had promised her heaven on earth. She was always available to warm his bed,  cook for him, and do his bidding. He did not even tell her about the day he left Kaduna for Anambra  State. She got to know him when she took food to his house the next day. He learnt that she was inconsolable. He had convinced himself that it was the best thing to do anyway. 

As he looked at them, he got confused. What were they doing here? What do they want? What  were their connections with Tosin? He looked to Tosin for answers to his silent questions. 

“Did you ever think I would fall for you?” Tosin asked with a sneer, “I don’t do your kind.”

“Emeka, I have longed for this day,” Aisha continued, and I just can’t comprehend the fact that you could be so evil.” 

“Eight abortions, Emeka! Eight abortions and a damaged womb,” Linda reminded him. 

“And to think of the fact that you are still doing what you do blows my mind,” Tosin added.

“What do you want?” Emeka found his voice. 

“What do we want?” Linda paused and replied, “Well, we just want to help you; we want to deliver you.” 

Emeka began to laugh. 

They all indulged him and joined in the laughter. Linda suddenly stopped. 

“Bosco! Bosco!” she called.

“Mama! "I'm here!” a husky voice replied, and Emeka stopped to see a huge muscular man  appear from a room and stand beside Aisha. 

What do they want to do? He wondered. beat him up? Well, that’s fair enough.  

“Yes, my dear Emmy, we would help you; we would get rid of your weapon of women's  destruction,” Linda continued. 

“What are you talking about?” Emeka panicked. 

“Bosco! Show him!” Aisha said. 

Bosco took a sharp, curved knife from his bag. He caressed the knife in anticipation of what he would do with it. 

“I have learned that to go to heaven, you have to get rid of any part of your body that causes you to walk in sin.” 

Linda smiled and said, “Consider this my act of forgiveness, for I want you to make heaven.” 

It dawned on Emeka what the knife was meant for.

“No!” he screamed, “Please!!!” 

He begged, while they all laughed. 

Emeka could not believe it. Was this the end of him? How would he survive if he were castrated? He will not be able to have children of his own. 

He could not take it. He must do something. He made for the door, but Bosco was faster. He grabbed him and gave him a fatal blow to the head, which knocked him out.

The women continued to laugh…


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