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So this is what it feels like? So this was the reason for his entire refusal to touch her. So, it was out in the open. She never guessed she could feel this heartbreaking pain. She understood!  Was this your nemesis? But she thought God forgives. Why? Did she drive him to this? Has he always been like this? She had always suspected but lived in denial. Was she not beautiful enough? No wonder he was repeatedly asking for the unimaginable during their conjugal moments.  

“You deserve it,” that voice murmured. “This is you paying for all that you did.”

She recalled… 

It was February 4th, 2009, when her best friend Chioma called her, telling her she would come to Port Harcourt to celebrate her birthday. Her boyfriend, Obinna, wanted to celebrate her birthday with her in Port Harcourt. She was happy. At least, she will have another opportunity to see Obinna. 

Obinna had brutally ended things with her the moment he reconciled with Chioma. She had said nothing, but somehow she could not help the feeling of hatred and jealousy she felt for her bestie. 

Chioma had arrived at Port Harcourt and invited her. She had it all planned out. Alighting at Eliozo, she lingered for Chioma to come pick her up. Her phone buzzed with an SMS; it was Chioma telling her to pick up a taxi as she could not come pick her up. She sensed that perhaps Obinna refused to come pick her up. She smiled. She craved seeing him. She wanted to know if he could resist her. She picked up a taxi to Chinda. When she got to her destination, she met an excited Chioma by the gate, dancing with excitement at her arrival. 

“Babe!” she shrieked as she alighted.

She laughed.

“Don’t worry! I will pay him,” Chioma stopped her from paying the driver and did the needful.  The two ladies excitedly walked and climbed the stairs to Obinna’s apartment while chatting. It's been 16 months since they saw each other. While Chioma had gone to the UK to further her studies, Nnenna had proceeded to IMSU to further hers. 

“So, Abuja is not good enough for you to celebrate your birthday now, abi?” Nnenna teased her friend, “Abi na man carry you come Port Harcourt.

Abeg oo, leave me ooo,” Chioma blushed. 

“You know Obina; he’s so persuasive. Let’s go jare.” 

They continued as Chioma opened the door. Obinna, who was just eating the last scoop of rice, looked up.

“Mama! He greeted.” 

“Obino one,” she hailed. 

Obinna stood up, and they both shook hands. Chioma laughed and beckoned on Nnenna to accompany her so she would show her to the room where she would sleep. The two ladies chatted away, leaving the living room. Obinna increased the volume of the TV. There was a replay of a match he missed. He settled in well to watch it while sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

The next day, which was the day of the birthday celebration, Nnenna lay sprawled on the bed, watching as the make-up artist did her job. She was tired. Apart from her not getting sufficient sleep from the previous night as she had stayed up late trying to catch up with Chioma, she was also tired from hopping from one boutique to another in search of the perfect cloth for a birthday ceremony. She had hoped for time alone with Obinna. It still hurts her to think of how he ended things with her.

“Babe! Dress up!” Chioma interrupted her thoughts. She spared her a glance but ignored her.  What was special about her, she wondered? She was the first person to meet Obinna. She had met him at a dinner organized by the Engineering Department of UNIZIK. He was in his final year at the university, while she was in her second year. From the moment he started mocking  that boring comedian, making every other person laugh, she noticed him. He had volunteered  at the end of the show to drop her off at Ifite. She was not only grateful, but she had fallen for him. 

Two days later, he invited her for drinks, and the mistake she made was to take Chioma along. Even though Chioma did nothing to attract attention to herself, Obinna was quite taken in by her. He kept pestering Nnenna to put in good words for him. She was so angry, although she had promised to do that—a promise she never kept. Somehow, Obinna had run into Chioma, and  being his charming self, he convinced her to go watch a stage play with him. When she had  announced it, Nnenna, who was determined to prevent what she suspected was about to  happen, brought herself along, and the trio watched the play together. She suspected Obinna  was not happy that she came along, but she did not care. The day her heart broke was when  Chioma announced that Obinna asked her to date him, and she agreed. She could not believe  it. They almost had problems because of that. Chioma claimed she did not tell her because  she wanted to be sure she wanted it. Nnenna was so angry but concealed it. Obinna, who  speculated that he did not do well, apologized to Nnenna, revealing how much he loved Chioma. 

That was four years ago. The relationship that Nnenna had tolerated continued even after  Obinna had finished school. When they graduated, Chioma returned to Abuja; Nnenna on the other hand, moved to Owerri. Due to the long distance that existed between them, the love-birds began to have series of issues. Nnenna capitalized on this by feeding Chioma lies about Obinna, which she believed. Chioma believed the lies.

Chioma had the opportunity to travel to the UK to further her studies. Nnenna convinced her to forget about Obinna. She convinced her that she would meet a better suitor over there. She told her not to tell Obinna that she was leaving the country, as that would help her move on quicker. Chioma took her advice. 

On the other hand, Nnenna secretly reconnected with Obinna. She broke the news to him that Chioma had travelled outside the country, and was seeing another guy. She fed him so much lies about Chioma. It didn’t take too long before they started dating. 

She began to spend weekends at his house. She convinced herself that Obinna would fall in love with her and probably propose to her. After several months of their blissful relationship, Obinna visited her in Owerri and told her he wanted to get serious with his life. He encouraged her to stop cheating on Paul with him. He wanted to end things. He refused to say more than that. Just like that, her world shattered. 

Two months after the incident, Chioma informed her she would return to Nigeria soon and, as a matter of fact, added that she had reconnected with Obinna. She added that they still loved each  other. 

A furious Nnenna had called Obinna, hurling insults at him and threatening to reveal their 

secret affairs to Chioma. Obinna, after listening calmly, dropped the call on her. She went to his house after several attempts to reach him on the phone. She found out that he had relocated, but nobody knew where he had moved to. 


“How do I look?” she heard Chioma ask. The makeup artist had finished her job and was  packing up her things. 

“You look good,” she responded, forcing herself to smile. She stood up and entered the bathroom.

“Nne, hurry ooo,” Chioma called. 

She ignored her. Her mind was working so fast. She needed to be alone with Obinna. She knew he was avoiding her. Something has to happen. She turned on the shower and started to take a bath. 

She was dressed in a huggy silver dinner gown with a front-side slit that revealed her leg up to her lap. She admired herself in the mirror. She added finishing touches to her makeup. She admired her face. She was looking good. Upon entering the living room, she saw that Chioma was set to move. 

“Obinna said I should meet him at the venue; the place is already getting full,” Chioma panicked. 

“Haba! Just relax; the celebrant is permitted to be fashionably late, you know,” Nnenna  responded, calming her down as they climbed down the stairs into the waiting cab.

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