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Dave Bruce, a 28-year-old, young, dapper, tenderhearted, living in Durban, is a maestro chain snatcher and a one-man army. He has snatched more than 2000 gold jewelry in his lifetime. More than 50 times, he had been taken into police custody but he always came out free of all charges. The reason, he never left any clue behind.

Dave is the only child to a Namibian couple who entered South Africa as immigrants. When he has only 18 months old, his parents were killed by armed robbers. He had to be adopted by an orphanage.

At the age of seven, he fled the orphanage as he could never settle for the things there. He had no friends to keep him company which always made him lonely and insecure. There was no better alternative than to force his way out.

Mysteriously, after breaking bounds, he made it to northern Durban where he was welcomed by a thug gang whose specialty was into chain snatching. He didn’t hesitate to join them. During the initial stages, he collaborated with the gang, but his habit of not making friends set in again and that made him work all alone.

Durban, Present Day: It was a weekend and Dave was returning home late from a night’s expedition when he saw a lady waiting for the city transport, who had a masterly designed ring on her finger. He deduced a plan on how to get that ring.


After thirty minutes of not getting any public transport, she began to walk towards her destination. Dave, maintaining the distance, following her home without being noticed.

The girl entered the ground floor of a residential apartment, switched on the lights, placed the ring on the window pane - which was wide open - before heading towards the bathroom. To what Dave had planned, this seemed quite easier for him to steal the ring. The golden masterpiece was now in his hands.

The next morning, he went to a gold dealership to trade the ring. The dealer was left open-mouthed when he saw the seal on the ring which stated that the it was designed in 1825 for a Nigerian king; only five of these rings existed.

He told Dave about this and he was wonderstruck. He advised that he should approach the global market for a good bargain as this was an antique piece.

He left the dealer’s shop with anguish in his heart, which was rather unexpected of him. While he journeyed back home, he began to think about the direction in which his life was headed. Many questions rang through his mind but there was no one around to provide answers.

He decided not to sell the ring. He found it to be the only way he could find answers to all the things he had faced in life.

Feed up with the culprit life, Dave decides to abandon thievery and embrace anything better that comes his way. He was limited by qualification; with no education or technical skill except chain snatching. A white-collar job wasn’t something he preferred. Anything decent will do.

He had passed his teenage prime and the presence of a woman in his life will be a welcomed addition. He needed someone by his sides, one who could easily influence his decisions.

Before long, he became friends with Afia - a girl he had met on a dating site. Friendship turned into a wonderful relationship within a twinkle of an eye. They couldn’t wait to meet each other for the first time.

14th February, at about seven O’clock in the evening, on Valentines day, Dave was seated in a restaurant awaiting Afia’s imminent arrival. He got cold feet upon seeing her for the first time. She looked beautiful, except that she was the same lady from whom he had stolen the ring. The night had many things hidden in it.

He got up from his seat and pulled the chair for her to seat. Afia was a little moved to see the change in his reactions but turned a blind eye on it. She pecked him on the lips before taking her seat. On this reaction, he realized that she had not seen him when he stole the ring.


After making Afia comfortable, he walked back to his seat. To his great misfortune, his foot hit the table stand which caused him to loose balance. He fell flat to the ground. The ring - which she carried everywhere - fell at the feet of Afia.

While the restaurant staffs helped him back to his feet, Afia gazed at the ring. She wondered where it came from. Horrifyingly, she saw Dave looking for something.

“From where did you get this?” She asked.

Dave got scared. He was unable to look her in the face.

“Tell me the truth, Dave!”

Without wasting too much time, he told her the full story. Listening to his story tore her apart. She wept throughout the narration.

Dave went close to her, kept his hands on her knees, wiped her tears off and said, “Look into my eyes Afia. The whole of me loves you more than anything else in this world. For the rest of my life, I promise not to do any such thing again.”

He continues, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I leave this to you to decide. You are free to take a decision.”

Afia stopped weeping. She asked Dave to go back to his seat. They kept looking at each other’s face. Dave got scared while Afia went through a combination of emotions.

“Are you OK?” Dave broke the silence.

“My mother gave me this ring on her deathbed.” She narrated, “This is my last memory of her.”

“I cried today, not because you stole my ring, but because you gave me back my mother’s memory.”

She hands over the ring to him and said, “Put it back on my finger.”

Dave did exactly that. They hugged for minutes and crowned the beautiful moment with a special kiss.


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Comments (3)

I. Davidposted on 12th May 2020 15:28:24

Quite fascinating and touching.

Stephenposted on 8th Mar 2018 12:04:52

Dave Bruce is indeed a maestro in the chain snatching business. :)

Stephenposted on 8th Mar 2018 12:03:04

Dave Bruce is indeed a maestro in the chain snatching business. :)

The golden chain

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