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ORIEL  26th Jan 2018
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Rest  in peace marriage
I am sorry that you  have died.
Many couples have given you a shot.
Oh!  So many have tried.
There is no loyalty and what about sacredness?

Welcome to the world of too many choices.
Welcome to the madness.
Married couples will become extinct.
My what interesting  times , we shall  be living in choices,  choices you say!.
But we have so many choices.

Indeed that's  why we are choking, 
On our very own voices.
And when you are  standing alone, 
With gapping wounds.
With wedding vows that have died your lips too soon.

When suitcases are packed with memories,  and you each going your separate ways.
Looking  over your shoulder, and wondering if you should  stay.
Oh!  You say!
But you are the lucky  few.
Really  my friend.
If only you knew.
Luck has nothing  to do with it.

Everyday  you make a choice.
Your vows  were not for the audience.
It was between  yourself and your spouse.
And the holy voice?
And you shall remember  the day.
The day that marriage  has died.
I wonder if all the tears have been shed,  and all the oceans have cried 
Usually  it paint  us a silver lining.
Because we want to live in hope.
But alas! We have hung ourselves,
By that very same rope.
It's  no longer quant to be a couple.
The roman has ended..

So we stand in our bullshit.
Refusing  to be amended.
Let's just move on and hope for the best.
Marriage!  Dear marriage,
May you rest in peace.

But ah!!
I am not that cruel, let me  try.
Just one more time. Perhaps we can find hope between  the lines.
Maybe marriage  will make a comeback
Like the old vinyl record.
When technology  is removed and we accept that human nature is meant to be flawed.
And play on maesto  and march on band.

Love oh! Love i hope that you can
We are suppose to make mistakes.
But must you give up so soon for heaven sake?
I choose to still believe in love.
As below as below so above.
Love you are the shadow that  dances in the light.
Love i still  bow before you.
And behold your might.
May you rise in peace marriage.
May you reach for the sun.

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Comments (4)

Gloriaposted on 1st Nov 2019 15:19:59

beautiful, d mood at d beginning was sorrowful, but d end was hopeful

justioaposted on 23rd Mar 2018 21:44:12

G do not moderstaoe

Country Talesposted on 26th Jan 2018 11:33:55

@Kingston... We're glad you like it. You can share with others.

Kingstonposted on 26th Jan 2018 03:26:26

Nice one there .....


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