To my unborn child
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I know you are safe where ever you are. Your future dad and I are still contemplating on the perfect time for your arrival. Your dad always seem to be indecisive. I told him the best months for your arrival should either be in February or October. February because it is the month of love and I believe in love. October because it will date back to January and we would have been in the festive mood. Moreover, your parents were born in October too.

I am waiting patiently for your arrival and I can’t wait to know your sex. It is very necessary you come out a boy. I would still be happy if you came out a girl but your dad’s family name is dying out slowly and I need you to save us. I know too well you can’t wait to see my pretty face and oh how you’d wish your future wife would look just like me.

Don’t blame me too much for your late arrival. For some reason best known to your dad, he either doesn’t want you to come at all or he’s not prepared to meet you yet. For this reason, he refuses to shower his blessings on me each time we have our usual encounters either at night or day. He has tried his best to block all chances of me meeting you. I remember one time when I ate the “miracle baby toffee”. Your dad fasted for seven nights and days just to denounce the works of the toffee. You can see he’s not joking at all. He’s probably scared of meeting you. What have you done to him, baby?

Lest I forget, anytime there’s a delay in my monthly shedding, he would begin to make wild promises which sounds well to my ears so much so my eyes foresee how lovely those promises would be, then it causes a stirring in my heart and my brains begin to calculate the amount of fun and the excitement lying ahead. But before I could say ‘Jack’, I begin to shed.

I’m telling you all these so that you don’t feel held up in the other world. Just know your mother is doing everything in her power to bring you into the real world. When your other colleagues are leaving your world into my world, do not weary. Always know that the last is always reserved for the best reasons. Don’t feel for any moment that we don’t want you... We actually do. Even your dad’s stubbornness is attributed to the fact that in our part of the world giving birth out of wedlock is considered a taboo. Surprisingly, our parents don’t sound these same warnings concerning pre-marital sex. I can see you are laughing too but baby don’t even think about it.

I don't need to tell you much about me since the beginning of your existence would be in my womb and for the first few weeks we would share some of my organs. That is where our teamwork starts. Obviously, I would love you with every bit of strength I’ve got but you wont come between me and your dad. Again, don’t think about it. Nonetheless, I am going to be the best mother you would ever imagine. I would even be nicknamed by your friends as “refuse to grow”. Your friends would wish they had me as their mother and I would try to be nice to them. Your dad and I are working hard today so that you and your four other siblings do not go through the sufferings of our childhood days.

I have known your dad for close to eight years and I know you are going to be proud of him. He’s going to be the perfect dad for you, trust me. You know I wont put you in the hands of just any person. He tells me he won’t lay a hand on you or any of your siblings, but mother has a different principle; spare the rod and spoil the child. I see a great man in your dad and I know you’d grow up to be just like him.

For resemblance, it has to be me. You can’t inherit your dad’s big nose, moreover, there’s a bet on that. Everyone is waiting to see you. Please don’t keep me waiting for long. I’m already in love with you, my sweet Sedem.


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comment  Comments (11)

Maame Adjoaposted on 13th Apr 2020 00:08:46

Interesting read!

Fiberdotsposted on 7th Oct 2019 22:58:35

If I am the one coming into your world, for resemblance I'll choose mum, I know why. Pretty nice taught though.

Harvestposted on 30th Apr 2018 09:49:04

Couldnt stop laughing And it is nice for a change

Country Talesposted on 26th Apr 2018 07:20:38

@Pamela... This literature has just one episode. We're glad you liked it.

pamelaposted on 25th Apr 2018 19:07:34

Please when is the episode 2 coming ,is so funny and interesting

Country Talesposted on 22nd Mar 2018 09:01:48

@Cassandra... we're glad you liked it

Cassandra Lenanaposted on 21st Mar 2018 12:46:40

Waooh! its lovely

Xorlaposted on 7th Mar 2018 16:25:12

I really, really enjoyed this one. Dear, this is ├ęclat. I love it

Yakubuposted on 8th Feb 2018 23:17:38

Nice one there but mom , why did u married a big noise man but avoiding your baby to resemble the dad ???????

Country Talesposted on 7th Feb 2018 18:01:48

@Sedem... We're glad to here you enjoyed it. Check out more stories on our website. :)

Sedemposted on 7th Feb 2018 18:00:35

I hope this letter is not addressed to me because I'm already born. Lol. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

To my unborn child

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