Soothed lies of Keji
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Soothed lies of Keji

By Oriel   15th Feb 2018
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I was twisted with lies. He told me warrior stories of his generations, which I believed naively. I was so innocent and gentle. He told me I'm the goddess that saved him last night from the hands of the maiden witch. I was amazed and awed!

We danced around the giant Iroko tree till I transcended to the unknown land, full of flowers and chi birds. I woke up after three days to another world which seemed to be the land I was before. Oh! now I know I'm not innocent. I'm not a goddess, not even a conscious damsel; the succulent damsel that embraced the sick. An angel that roars like a lion.

I'm a defiled monster, ready for revenge. Keji is nowhere to be found. I have prayed to quash him, and behold all actions comes as prayed.


"Here is your bag," says the guard.”You shall remain here!"

Now I'm an outcasted woman because Keji defiled me. Every single moment looks unimaginable to me. I walked through the rocky hills to an unknown destination. I was extremely happy on the other side: how I boiled the yam till it was watery!

Now Keji will understand what it means to end someone's pride and sway off intentionally. He shall remain alive and be tormented with pains. I have casted a spell at his libido. He shall remain with this unbearable pain till his cry reaches where his father kept me.


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Kayodeposted on 15th Feb 2018 11:34:41

Placed a curse on his libido? Please spare him that. Anyway, I like your style of writing.

Jack Rabbitposted on 15th Feb 2018 11:25:47

Keji is in big trouble. Lol