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XORLA ATTADZEH  17th Feb 2018
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When I stroke that hair;
That hair that cascades like the water falls,
My spirit is revived.
When I kiss those tender lips
That spread across her face;
Very attractive like the rainbow
I feel unequalled like no other man.

The beams of her face remind me of the archaic smile,
From her head down to her toes depicts the Venue of Willendof
Meaning, she is a complete woman.
The sound of her voice moves deep into my soul,
Spreads all over my body, bringing me a sort of inestimable joy.
Each time she say my name, as her tongue role slightly,
The sort of exultation she injects into me
Is usually enough to pull down the heavens.
The touches of her soft palm make me forget my weaknesses.
Those feet of her drive me crazy.
The embrace of her arms give me affection to perfection.
When seen from afar, her attraction, too great that I can’t resist.

I have been a wanderer,
In her I find perfect love and will look further no more.
I hereby say:
Love moves in several directions,
But it certainly gets to its destination,
Where no one, not even the person himself
Can bounce it back.

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About Xorla Attadzeh

Xorla Attadzeh is a visual and performing artist. He has been teaching Literature in some schools in Ghana for the past four years. He is also a good storyteller whose works contribute to "high school fever", a television series in Ghana. He is very sensitive to life and finds poetry a pleasant medium for expressing his thoughts. He is the author of A VOICE OVER DESPERATION, a book of inspirational poems.


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Comments (12)

Yegwalyttposted on 17th Sep 2018 12:13:17

I luv it in particular 😘

Aye Shaposted on 8th Apr 2018 19:52:03 has been defined so beautifully.!!😍

Mlachake Roho Safiposted on 27th Mar 2018 17:23:28

nice one

Asare Martinoposted on 23rd Feb 2018 20:32:01

Great piece bro. I'm really in love with it.

Makafui Klutseyposted on 22nd Feb 2018 20:41:58

Great piece man.. I know she can relate with this than anyone else.

Xorla Attadzehposted on 20th Feb 2018 14:45:43

Glad you like it, Richie.

Xorla Attadzehposted on 20th Feb 2018 14:43:32

Don't worry Sitso, there is more to come, just the way you want it. Keep visiting.

Sitso Servantsselposted on 20th Feb 2018 11:43:26

Not surprised! Whom ever inspired u couldn't have done that any better. Hope there is more to come......can't WAIT!

Richie Banksposted on 20th Feb 2018 11:07:35

I really like this piece.Xorla Attadzeh keep it up

Fosu Benjaminposted on 19th Feb 2018 10:48:03

Good work done. Indeed I feel unequalled like no other man. I really love the works of this great poetry, Xorla Attadzeh.

Zyan Adoleneposted on 18th Feb 2018 22:48:34

... I hereby say:... Expert Piece MyFavourites#PoetOriginal#😘

Pauluu Khahaifaposted on 18th Feb 2018 20:46:50

Such a therapeutic piece from Xorla. I love it!

One special one

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