The despot
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XORLA ATTADZEH  20th Feb 2018
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Slowly he creeps
I just wish his coming can be descried
And that i can fight him off.
He turns a joyful atmosphere despondent
Diabolic they say he is
Yes he is the despot.
He came knocking,
He forced his way into my gay abode,
And my body gave way to my soul.
Alone he left me in the middle of the desert,
I shouted, I yelled, I bellowed
But my voice was swallowed by the silence;
The silence no one can shut.

Onwards I go
For there is no return,
Fortune I have had,
Respect and good looks;
How frivolous they look in the sight of my new world.
The church bells groaned
Tears streamed from the eyes of loved ones
But I am gone.

Take courage lover,
I am gone but not forever
Perhaps I will meet the eternal bliss
And there I will wait for your coming.
Take courage lover
You won't see me again
But not forever,
Hope to meet you someday.

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About Xorla Attadzeh

Xorla Attadzeh is a visual and performing artist. He has been teaching Literature in some schools in Ghana for the past four years. He is also a good storyteller whose works contribute to "high school fever", a television series in Ghana. He is very sensitive to life and finds poetry a pleasant medium for expressing his thoughts. He is the author of A VOICE OVER DESPERATION, a book of inspirational poems.


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Comments (3)

ntriwah afiaposted on 23rd Feb 2018 15:10:23

..nice piece

Shitu Hillary Latifposted on 20th Feb 2018 13:42:16

Interesting piece

Zyan Adoleneposted on 20th Feb 2018 12:43:31

Great piece from Xorla💪💪

The despot

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