The feud
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Shiya looked around the plain field and hissed. Too many lives have been lost because of a land. This land where she stood had drunk too much blood – blood of their ancestors and still the blood of her soldiers. Many of them are lying dead on the field, in a pool of their own blood.

"How did we get to this point?"

She hated this land that had caused pain, grief and hatred between two kingdoms for many generations. This same land was responsible for the painful separation between her and her lover, Anez.

She was brought out of her reverie as an enemy soldier advanced towards her. She dodged his sword, punched him hard on the face and slashed him in the neck. Then she charged towards him – the love of her life and king of the enemy kingdom. She focused solely on him and cut down any soldier who dared to serve as an obstacle in her path.

Even with blood smeared all over his face, he still looked very handsome and fought with fluid grace as ever. His soft caress and gentle touch hasn’t changed either.

"No!" She dragged the distracting thoughts from her mind and continued advancing.

Anez saw her approaching and frowned; his heart burned with excessive heat of rage. “The slut!” He cursed, as he charged towards her. He must chop off her head today for being a traitor. She compromised the love he offered her by going behind his back and getting full control of the land, only to sell it to a total stranger.

He stabbed a soldier who tried to stop him and pushed him aside with very little effort.

"Shiya!" His voice sent shivers down her spine. She readied her sword for a fight.

"It's been a while Anez.” She said with a cunning smile, “I missed you."

He somersaulted and hit her in the face. "Don't tell me that. You betrayed me. Why?"

She fiercely wiped away her tears.

"I didn’t meant to do that, but this cursed land is keeping our people apart... it is keeping us apart. Every generation has to fight for this land. Someone has to stop that! This land has taken enough of our people's blood."

He clashed her arm with his sword and pushed her away.

"So you have come to reason with me... to stop me? Never!"

She circled him and made a move. "Please Anez, I don't want this to happen. I love you very much but we have to make sacrifices in order to live. Please call off this battle."

Out of the blue, she stabbed him in the chest and cried, "Please don't make me kill you."

He laughed painfully and fell on his knees, "You did Shiya… when you left me."

She ran over to him and held him up, "Anez... Anez please don't leave me."

He chuckled, "Then let's go together."

He stabbed her with his sword and didn't stop until it came out of her chest. She gasped in pain and looked at him, longing to touch him one last time. She caressed his face and mumbled, "I love you."

The battle stood still for a while, as soldiers dropped their swords and paid their last respects to their fallen heroes. Finally there can be peace. The land has gotten two sacrifices; one of love and the other of pain. The soldiers mourned silently as they carried away the bodies of their respective heroes.


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Country Talesposted on 23rd Mar 2018 08:49:50

@Chege... Thanks for comment. We will take your recommendation into consideration. :)

Chegeposted on 22nd Mar 2018 20:46:50

Well written,shakes you to the core with its unpredictability...make it longer or a series.

Kofiposted on 21st Mar 2018 23:22:19

Interesting. It.ended up well

The feud

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