Our bosom
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Our bosom

By Xorla Attadzeh   26th Mar 2018
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In our bosom, we lie in shame,
In a tantalising tone, they ask our name,
Our pride taken, we stand stolid and speechless,
And our destiny had been made shapeless.

In our bosom, fear left us lamed.
As lion stares a lion, we are tamed.
We seem to have all but muscles;
Muscles require solving puzzles.

In our bosom, we ought to be us,
We need no telling to hold hands and not fuss.
Arise and let's face the globe with a presence of mind,
For a presence of mind, let's change our state of mind.

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About Xorla Attadzeh

Xorla Attadzeh is a visual and performing artist. He has been teaching Literature in some schools in Ghana for the past four years. He is also a good storyteller whose works contribute to "high school fever", a television series in Ghana. He is very sensitive to life and finds poetry a pleasant medium for expressing his thoughts. He is the author of A VOICE OVER DESPERATION, a book of inspirational poems.


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Comments (4)

Amirahposted on 9th Apr 2018 11:44:07

Audu runs to school

Ozebreto Pauluuposted on 30th Mar 2018 07:22:18

Arise and let's face the globe with a presence of mind, For a presence of mind, let's change our state of mind." If all my African people could read this. Nice piece by Xorla

Country Talesposted on 28th Mar 2018 21:37:17

@Zyan... Thanks for your sincere comment; Xorla would be proud to read them.

Zyanposted on 28th Mar 2018 18:23:54

Every single line of this poem is well crafted with master mind and with master hands. I must say that Xorla is the deepest; the most matured Ghanaian poet in this generation.

Our bosom

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