Wander lust
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COUNTRYTALES  16th Apr 2018
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Afia laid under the night sky, staring at the stars spontaneously for half an hour. This was the favorite part in her daily routine, when she could think peacefully and analyze different perspectives of life. “I am because we are,” her father’s voice echoed in her head. Does thinking about her own happiness make her a bad person? Is she meant to sacrifice all her dreams for the sake of community or well being of her family? Whenever such questions crossed her mind, she secretly wished she had an intelligent life partner; someone she could easily discuss these matters with. She slept that night, trying hard to suppress these rebellious thoughts because they always led to blind alleys.

Life got more tangled with the next sunrise. Discussions of a marriage proposal for her became the subject of discussion. The man was about 40 years of age, while she just turned 17. He was one of her father’s friends she had never met. Before she could resist any attempts, both families had already gathered to negotiate her brideprice. Her family settled for 150 cows; far more than any of her sisters’. It was a moment of pride for everyone, but she didn’t feel the same. Unlike other girls in her village, these customs disgusted her.

As the wedding drew closer, so did her anxiety increase. Just a day to the wedding ceremony, she decided to run away. Grabbing a tiffin full of boiled potatoes and a pair of clothes, she waited for the sun to set before she made a move. She ran through the fields and suddenly stumbled upon a voice that chilled her to the core. It was a man humming, “My lady is bare of chattering folk; the clouds are low along the ridges, and sweets the air with curly smoke, from all the burning bridges.”


She didn’t understand what it meant but it sounded melodious. She got attracted to him instantly and couldn’t stop staring at someone she thought had the potential to explore the world with her. Before she could move, the man asked what was she doing in the fields. She said nothing, but had to return home in fear of getting caught.

The man’s words echoed in her ears while she panicked about the next day. It was collapsing; all her dreams were turning into chaos and at the same time she desired to meet this new person one more time, to exchange a few thoughts.

The time she feared arrived. She was dressed in her wedding gown and she looked simply amazing. But her mind was occupied with thoughts of the man she met yesterday, wishing to see him again. To her utmost surprise, as she stepped out to meet the guests, she saw him sitting among the men. Her heart raised faster than ever. “What is he doing here,” She thought to herself in a sheer panic. She managed to talk to a girl nearby and asked who he was. The answer couldn’t have been more amusing when she replied, “your Groom!” A wave of excitement crashed through her body and her eyes were filled with stars of gratitude as she kept her gaze on the man of her dreams.


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Country Talesposted on 19th Apr 2018 20:48:09

@Bright... Do you mean the rest of this particular story or other ones?

Brightposted on 19th Apr 2018 17:41:30

Where is the rest of the story. If each book has an id,how do I access them?

Wander lust

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