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By obi   16th Apr 2018
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The smoke formed rings of ending circles.
The smile on his face, rippled through his cracked cheek.
His adulate movement showed his specific mood,
The happiness inside him was one which happens only once in a blue moon.
He swaggered his way towards the tail end of his house.
The moon made horizons of light which made him believe,
The atmosphere in his head was joy,
Happiness filled his melodious mind. 
Smile smile smile, 
The only things that occupied his thoughts.
Then he sang aloud the only song which made him happy, 
The only song he actually ever learned,
The lullaby his mother sang all night to him,
Then he smiled again, till he saw the light at the end of the tunnel no more.

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Big Samposted on 24th Jun 2018 11:43:41

Very nice poem