An angel
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An angel

By Daddy dee  Posted on 19th Apr 2018

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She tells me stories,
that erase all my worries.
Such a caring soul,
That walked into my life like snow.

She is a treasure.
Her love is beyond measure...
This is an unexplainable feeling;
An hypertensive healing.

She is so beautiful
and always looks wonderful.
A special creature,
No doubt, a wonder of nature.

Her type is very rare;
A pearl among her peers...
O! What a perfect creation!
This is not an exaggeration.

I've been to many places
I've seen different faces.
Yet, you're the only one I've ever met
With a perfect body that makes my body wet.

True love is indeed very cost;
Difficult to differentiate from lust.
In you I found real love,
Very mild, like dove.

In spite of the hurdles of life,
You're always there as a wife...
To your love, I'm a slave.
And your heart remain my solid grave

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Comments (2)

Big Samposted on 24th Jun 2018 11:38:42

Great poem to confess your love for an Angel 👼

Elikemposted on 1st May 2018 11:14:19

Very nice peom