Boredom - Incoming!
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ANVI BEHL  30th Apr 2020
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Coronavirus, what have you brought to the world, to us,
We want to play free, blow up balloons and climb on trees,
But you made us age a million years, all we do is eat- sleep, and repeat!
Never thought me and my grandma would share the same timetable, but here it is today!

Neither excitement nor fun, only thing can we do is make silly egg puns (and they aren’t even funny!)
Oh dear lord! Save me from this nightmare! Feeling drowsy, feeling sluggish, and somniferous,
The day feels dull and monotonous,
You ruined my picnics, you ruined my plans,
To hang out with my friend and play clash of clans
Can boredom be a symptom to this deadly disease?

It’s a bright and sunny day, yet I feel excited in no way
Nothing seemed bright, nothing seems boisterous
The day feels so dull and monotonous
Curling up in bed as I wander in my head what if a UFO crashed the track pad?
What if one of my sketches walked out of my notepad?

The T.V, video games, I have had enough of them,
Nothing wakes me up,
Nothing seems bright, nothing seems boisterous
The day feels so dull and monotonous

What should I do next?
I spent the whole afternoon watching a bird build its nest...
Ahh, I think I miss school, getting scolded by my least favourite teacher,
I would have named her but she’s a real preacher,
Well, what is life without excitement, without fun,
I have always wondered, and here it is now,
Turns out it is, indeed just a pun,
Nothing seems bright, Nothing seems boisterous
The day feels so dull and monotonous

But coming to the protagonist of the story, who carried the disease,
Who eats bats… I mean, were they out of cheese?

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Boredom - Incoming!

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