Husband thief Part 4
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OBI  3rd Nov 2020
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The ordeal of last Friday left Bayo hospitalized. Never in his wildest dream could he have imagined this happening.

The doctor and nurses were very nice; how he wished he was not discharged from this new found heaven back to the psychiatric institution he called home.

His dear spouse was there throughout, smiling, crying and praying. 

Bayo wished he had died from the shock of last week, the moment his eyes were opened to behold the grinning face of the devil.

“Mama, he is awake! The lord has ridiculed all my adversaries”.

His Mother came dashing towards his bed, singing praises to God. His eyes upturned in excitement on seeing his mum, but deep down within, he had various suspicions: what new strategy does she have in her arsenal?

During his brief stay at the hospital, the ‘she devil’ took good care of him, so much so that the patient next to him envied him to some extent. 

He begrudged himself, “Could he be loved in this manner?” The office sent well-wishers, and friends visited to show support.

The week moved fast and he had no other choice than to leave the hospital. His wife and mum showed up to take him home. The bill being cleared, there was no way he could ward off this journey.

Bisola whispered that she had forgiven him, and that mama knew nothing about Friday night.

So everything was forgiven? Just like that? After almost sending him to an early grave. Witch of a woman!


The journey home was peaceful. Mama being her chatty self filled the void she didn’t notice was existent. As they approached home, he could swear he saw Bisola smile. 

He recognised that grin; and prayed the earth would gobble him so as to avoid what was coming next... he foresaw trouble.

The aroma that greeted him as they drove into the compound was inviting. He tried as much as possible to withhold himself from running into the house to devour the meal that made him so hungry.

This is mama’s favourite meal, and Bisola never prepared it because she never liked it. His mind started playing tricks on him. Trouble brewed. He knew it.

“Mami, did you bring someone along with you while coming here?”

“My son, pardon me. I forgot to mention that my friend’s daughter came around to help me. Oh! Can you believe that your wife knows her? I was surprised to find out.”

He glanced at his wife, and laughed out loud. Well, this time around, there would be no funny prank, and Bisola feared his mum.

The sight that greeted Bayo immediately when he entered the house was far worse than his wife's gift wrapped for him; the hunger he felt disappeared into thin air.

“Pelumi what are you doing in my house?” he stammered with his tone rising.

“Ah! So you know her too?” his mother said merrily.

His wife stood hands akimbo, waiting for the drama to unfold.

“Mama, Iwo noh…” Raising his hand towards his head. “Ah! Iku lele”

“I will confess, it is not what it looks like oh! Darling, I can explain. I swear... this one here is the HUSBAND THIEF”.

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Husband thief

Table of Contents

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