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Loi moved around freely with Kaida. She was the only one on earth who had accepted him for who he was; she had never judge him for being an alien. The government on the other hand was a different case: as soon as the heard of the presence of an alien in the country they began to hunt for him.

She did her best to shield him from external threats, but Loi realised that stress had become an unwelcome addition to Kaida’s complicated life. He opted for his second option.

Kaida entered his room and found him sitting in deep thoughts. She sighed from afar and drew closer to him.

“Loi, what is wrong again? I’ve already told you not to harm yourself with thoughts of what is happening. Please take heart… everything will be fine.”

He laughed humourlessly,

“It’s not getting better anytime soon! We both know that, so let's stop holding unto false hope.” He said, “Your government will never rest until they find me and make me their lab rat.”

She interjected with a determined tone, “We will keep hiding till they forget about you.”

“When will that be?” He asked with a bit of skepticism. “I’ve already decided... I will use my last power to call for help. This will save both of us from all these stress.”

She looked at him in fear, “Have you gone crazy? It might kill you if help doesn't arrive on time.”

“Then I will gladly die. I am not wanted here and will never be. I have nothing to loose anyway.”

He got up to go and send the signal. Once they got to a clearing, she reminded him of the dangers again.

“Loi, once you send the signal, the government’s radar will intercept your signal and they will know where we are.” She asked with tears in her eyes, “What if help doesn't come before then?”

He looked at her for a while before smiling sadly, “Then I will self-destruct.”

He concentrated on his power's last reserve and sent out signals for help. Shortly afterwards, he fell unconscious. She dragged him to their hideout in fear getting caught.



After a week of no rescue team arriving, she began to get worried. Loi’s condition on the other hand grew worse by the day and she had absolutely no idea of what to do. She began to habour fear that he would die before help arrived. She sighed at the thoughts that flashed through her head for a while before dosing off.

Suddenly, she was awoken by high-pitched sounds and blinding lights. Then a voice echoed out, telling them to surrender in peace and step out. She looked over to Loi who had the look of defeat on his face. They both knew then that the end had come. They held hands together and leaned on each other’s shoulder for support, but they failed to make it outside before everything went quiet. The lights went off too.

Loi smiled in relief.

“They came! They really came back for me.”

One after the other, his comrades came out. They found a way to render the government army unconscious. They attended to Loi urgently and carried him back to their alien craft while Kaida looked on in sadness. She picked up her bag to travel back to town since Loi was safe.

“Wait! Let me talk to her.”

He drew closer to her and held her by the hand.

“Thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough with my words.” He said on bended knees, “Come with us, we will treat you better. Your life will change forever. Please...”

She smiled and shook her head.

“You should go Loi. I will miss you a lot, but I have to carry my own cross here on earth. This is where I belong. Earth is my home. I will never feel completely comfortable at your end. Have a safe trip my friend.”

He looked at her for a while then nodded, “Alright then, stay safe. Outsiders together.”

She smiled and wiped the tears off her eyes,

“Outsiders together.”

He signaled his comrades and they took him to their ship. She watched in awe as the alien craft faded into the skies at lightning bolt speed. She turned around gently and began the long trek back to civilization.


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The alien

Table of Contents

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