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It is a known fact that diversity creates enormous room for variety. The introduction of audio books in modern history has added up to the numerous options available to the everyday reader. Since its inception, audio books have gained popularity amongst readers. But how do they compare to reading a book?

While some may argue that listening to audio books is not the same as reading a book, the large populace of readers don’t necessary believe so. The latter believes that both platforms serve a medium to share knowledge.

Today, we will shed more light on how these two compare, based on the factors listed below.

Pace of reading.

Audio books are by far the quickest way to finish a book. If your goals is to complete two or more books in a single day, all you need to do is get yourself a stereo headphone and play some audio books. With someone doing to the reading on your behalf, the only thing required of you is a little bit of attention. It gets even better with addons that enables you to increase the speed of narration.

You don’t get such luxury when you do the reading yourself. Reading on the other hand takes as much as twice the time it takes to finish a book when compared to audio books.


Concentration plays a key role in how much knowledge one can grasp from a book. This is where reading comes very much in handy. Reading helps you to keep your attention focused on every letter and paragraph, taking away all levels of distractions.

Audio books on the hand creates just enough room for distraction. With the benefit of engaging in our tasks while listening, individuals tend to miss a great deal of knowledge while using audio books.

Retentive level.

We don’t really buy into the argument that ‘reading’ helps one to retain more than ‘listening’. How much an individual can retain from a book depends on his/her own abilities; the medium doesn’t really play so much role. Everyone individual learns through different senses. If you are the type that learns through visual and touch, then reading might be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are able to grasp concepts quickly through sound (speaking and hearing), then audio books might just be a great fit for you. Once you understand what works best for you, stick to it!

Taking notes.

One distinctive features that sets reading apart is the option to take notes and even highlight striking statements in a book, which can later be referenced to anytime you feel like doing so. It’s very much impossible to same with audio books. To make up for this gap, some people carry along notepads each time they listen to audio books. The average Joe is unlikely to do that. In this regards, reading makes it easier to take notes.


If your goal is to grab knowledge while doing several things at the same time, then audio books might just be the perfect tool to satisfy your ambitions. Characterised by its mobility, audio books can be played whiles driving, walking or even running, giving you access to information on the go. Reading however, cannot be done along side rigorous activities.

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