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If you've read 'Caught in the moment', you'd definitely come to a conclusion that it is a perfect blend of suspense, romance and drama, all put together in one book. The best part is, we are honoured to bring to you an interview we had with the author of interesting story - Abel Onyeneke. In his own words, he will tell us about everything we've been yearning to know about him all these while. Find below the full transcription of the interview:

Hello Abel! Can you tell us about yourself.

Well, I am called many things, and a lot of mini titles. [Giggles] Some call me an artist, others an actor, some others a minister of songs and to a larger number, they know me as a writer. Basically, I am just a normal guy with an extraordinary mind. A mix of an introvert/extrovert. I can be very funny and disturbing too. I graduated from Auchi Federal Polytechnic with an ND (National Diploma) and presently pursuing my degree in Ambrose Ali university. I can do a whole lot of stuffs so people just conclude I am multi-talented.

Amazing! What inspires you?

I inspire myself. There are many other things that inspires me, but I am my major inspiration. I can sit and talk to myself in a serious tone: "Hey Abel, get up and write!" Another thing that motivates me is comments and encouragement I get from my fans; it inspires me to write when I see the urgency and the demand of my mini-fans who want to read my next story, or the next chapter of my story. Sometimes a song, cool and calm – most times blues or R&B – cos I write romance stories most of the time.

Where did you love for storytelling come from?

Right from childhood. My mother usually tells me that at a tender age, I would sit with a book and read all day that she began to call me ‘my professor’. I developed this love for story books right from childhood. And when I got to JSS 1, I started having the push to write something, to write a story of my own. And so I wrote my first novel titled Vital clash. My mother helped me store all the stories I wrote back them till I was ready to face the world.

How long have you been writing?

For as long as I can remember, it should be over 10years now. But I started writing majorly online in 2016.

Who are some of your favourite authors and how have they influenced your style of writing?

Chimamanda Adiche is my mentor. One of her books I love so much is ‘Purple hibiscus’; that book inspired me a lot. She has inspired me to write whenever I come across her write-ups and novels.

How did you come up with the theme for your book 'Caught in the moment'?

Before I started writing, I already had what I wanted to write about, like some sort of movie in my head. I was very careful in picking the right theme for my story, to make it catchy and also give my readers what to expect in the story. In this story, Bukky was caught in the web of two brothers. The thought of using Caught in the web as the title came as an idea; but I found Caught in the moment more catchy. Using the phrase ‘web’ isn't really romantic enough to me like ‘moment’. I desired to create a movie in the minds of my readers and I was able to achieve that just by catching a glimpse of the theme of the story.

What was the hardest part of writing this story.

Well, this is one of the struggles we face as writers. Most times, we get to a point and get hooked. I got a little stressed out and had to do a lot of thinking when David came back into the picture. It was even more difficult when Madam Clara died. I had to think for days on something to fill the gap and excite my readers, despite her sudden loss mid-way into the story.

What did you enjoy most about writing this story?

Every moment was splendid for me. I uploaded daily on my Facebook fanpage and the comments and likes were just crazzzy! I had to make sure I keep writing to keep them hooked. The request were coming and so writing the story became more like a duty and fun!

What cultural or moral value do you see in the aforementioned book?

Hard work, determination and a fight for true love, plus good use of talent. These are the morals I sought to imbibe into my readers. Bukky got to the peak of her career with hard work and determination. She fought her way through till she was victorious in the end. She also had to fight for the love of her life (David) – although a little late in the story – but she realised it was better to fight for the one she truly loves while there was still some little time left.

Has 'Caught in the moment' affected your personal life in any way? If yes, please tell us.

Of course yes! When I read my own story, I get inspired and determined to make a name just like Bukky. I see myself in her struggles, just like what I go through in life everyday. Just as she fought and won in the end, I believe I would do just that and get up there!

What do you think is the future of reading and writing.

I think people read more when it's an electronic format (eBook). Basically, I know in the next generation to come, reading would be a lot easier: You don't have to walk over to a library all the time to get a book. The future is really blessed with technology, even as it stands now, reading and writing has been made a lot easier, but the same cannot be said about writing – it isn’t easy at all. [Laughs]

Are you currently working on any new story? Do you mind telling us about it?

Well, yes of course! It's titled ‘Love is a game’. I’m also planning a second series for one of my fantasy blockbuster novels ‘Moonwalker’. I would be sending the first chapter of Moonwalker to Country Tales very soon. Once I’m done with Love is a game, I would send it over as well. Love is a game talks about a man and a lady whose troubles in life lead them to give up on love. But together, they found themselves in a game where no one has to fall. But you know, it's a games, very fun, until someone begins to fall in love. It's a story full of thrill and suspense. If you've read caught in the moment, you would understand what I mean by ‘suspense’.

Final words... What would you like to say our avid readers who have stayed glued to your story all these while?

My dear readers, first of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude to you all: “Thank you for reading my novel.” Expect more!

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