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Writing is the quickest way to express our deep thoughts and emotions. You don’t have to be an author to do this. What other way can you make your plights and ideas known to the world, if not through writing.

In today’s blog post, we have listed five major reasons why you need to write everyday.

Improves handwriting and/or typing speed.

One of the common assumptions in life is to think that someone was born more artistic than the other. Writing is an acquired skill, not hereditary. It takes much practice and effort to make the most out of it. Good handwritings are the result of regular practice. The more you put every piece of detail and information on a piece of paper, the likely you are to enhance your handwriting. For those who write by typing, it’s a great way to increase your typing speed.

Serves as a reminder.

Is there something important you wish to do over a period of time and you do not want to forget? Put it on a paper. Making a to-do list requires that you put your thoughts on paper; somewhere you can’t forget. This is where writing comes in handy.

A great way to make use of your vocabulary.

Of what use will your vocabularies be if you can’t use them? After stocking your ‘vocabulary bank’ with new words through reading, one of the simplest ways to make use of it is through writing.

The best way to express our emotions and creativity.

The hub of creativity lies deep within the mind. The focal point of all emotions rests in the mind too. The past, the present, and even the future haunts us. Without expressing how we feel on the inside, our lives will be incomplete. Beside voicing out our emotions, writing is perhaps the best alternative. Writing is not meant for sharing our feelings only, it is also a channel for distributing ideas and exhibiting our creativity.

A means to an end - Employment.

Of all the benefits of writing, this one serves as a reward for those who keep up with this habit. You may not be fully aware of who is reading the little piece of contents you devote your time to write everyday. In fact, it might even surprise you that someone likes your style of writing. This will not only get you more admirers, but also land a top notch job at a writing firm.

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