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Reading has always been an integral part of every success story. Whether it’s a blog post, a news article or a story written by a kid, as long as it can be seen and read, it’s worth our time. Many people try to play down the importance of reading. They claim it’s cumbersome: "It’s hard work," they say.

In this article, we've outlined five major reasons why you need to cultivate a habit of reading something, at least once a day.

Improves your vocabulary.

The dictionary, although supreme as far as definitions are concerned, contains too many words for anyone to memorize. Flipping through the pages of a dictionary in search of new words can be a daunting hill to climb. Luckily, there are several alternatives to learning new words, and one of them is by reading. The more you read, the more you become exposed to new words. With new words flooding your vocabulary set each day, not only will you be able to form matured sentences, but your self-confidence and expressions will take on new heights.

Broadens your knowledge base.

What other way could knowledge be acquired except through reading? From ancient times, it is said that reading is fundamental to knowing more. Years before the first book was ever written, it was believed that the stone-age generation carved important notices and messages on stones and in caves. This way, they were able to pass across useful information to generations yet unborn. In light of this, it wouldn’t be bad to say that books are the best thing that man has ever invented, would it?

If you want to broaden your horizon and be updated beyond your immediate surrounding, then you need to read a little piece of something everyday. If you don't want to be stack in the middle of a conversation and asking too many questions, then you need to read more. Reading helps you to explore a totally new world that exist only in books. So keep reading!

A free way to have fun.

Entertainments are a great remedy for boredom; they help us in our quest to nullify frustrations, but they are often come at a great cost. Are you bored but cannot afford a pricey form of entertainment? No problem, you’ve got company. Join the bandwagon of individuals who do not pay for entertainment; they have fun by reading books, journals, articles, and more. When bored, surf the internet and read something new, preferably, visit our website ( for new stories and blog posts.

You become creative in your writing.

Engage two kids in a writing contest: One who is an avid reader and the other an anti-reader. The result will always go in favour of the avid reader. He has better understanding of punctuations, sentence construction and an array of vocabularies to choose from. To become great at writing, you need to read more.

A quick way to reduce stress.

Life can be full of stress. A busy day at school or work can leave you completely worn out beyond necessary, but a few minutes spent reading a news or a short story will not only revitalize you, but put you back on your feet. Reading is as powerful as music; it keeps you sound.

Keep reading!

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