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Emeka was excited because of his date with Tosin. The fact that Tosin agreed to be his girlfriend  humbled him. He remembered the day Tosin walked into his office to replace the HR personnel  who had travelled to further her studies in the UK. He would have been caught staring at her. He  had thought it would be easy to get her to fall for his tricks and eventually lure her to his bed,  but, from day one of the launch of his tactics, she had called his bluff. On day two, she told him everything she heard about him, especially his escapades with women. She went further to  make him look stupid by laughing at his "sincerity." 

Her refusal made it even more difficult for him to let go. He always looked for ways to make her notice him. He had even offered to drop her home when her car developed a fault, but she politely declined his offer and continued using the services of Uber or Bolt. She almost frustrated him. He had even tried to make her jealous by transferring his attention to a friend she had brought to the office, whose number he had collected. Yet, she seemed grateful for the distraction. 

He had dated plenty of women. He did not understand the urge to sleep with any woman that  came his way. It was as if he competed with an invisible being to sleep with as many women as possible to validate his manhood. He had always been like this since the days of his senior  secondary school, when a corps member who came to serve in his school took an interest in him  and told him that those who bear the name Emeka are womanizers. 

Corper Ugochi had introduced him to sex in SS2, and for the months she stayed at the school, he kept their secret. When she eventually left the school, he was heartbroken. He tried to find solace in the arms of many of the schoolgirls who offered it, and when he lost interest, he did not hesitate to break off the relationship and move on to the next available one. Funny enough, this loss of interest  happens as soon as the girl gives in to his sexual pressure or if she plays hard to get for a long time. He longed for his lover and was frustrated more and more that he could tell no one about it.  

After many conquests with so many girls, he became known in the school. He had a reputation that  he was known for. While a lot of girls avoided him, some longed in their teenage minds to be  the one who would change him. Although they knew him for having a bad reputation with girls, he had steady girls who he had sex with willingly. 

Soon, many boys came to him for advice on how to get girls to fall for them. Many times, teachers had called him to talk to him about his behavior. He only learnt to lay low but still continued in his ways as he enjoyed the reputation. 

By the time he got to the university, his love for women had heightened. He progressed to sleeping with mature women, not just for money, but for pleasure. There was something about them that tickled his fancy. He also had many girlfriends who fought because of him. He could hardly count when he did not have a woman in his house in his university days. With the mature women, who were sometimes married, he did not have to worry about emotional involvement. It was strictly physical, but these young girls who would not wake up from their dreams can be tiring. 

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Emeka had met a lot of women. The sophisticated ones, the pretenders, the rich girls, the overpampered ones, the assumed born-again Christians, the confident ones, the timid ones, the fat ones, the slim ones, the greedy ones, the contented ones, the arrogant ones, and the humble ones—they had all fallen for his tricks. One thing he had learnt was that women most often need a man to validate them or complete them; they need the attention of a man, they need money, and to be pampered, they need to have a sense of being the only one in a guy's life. He had used these needs against them,and it had worked. 

Salewa, the timid young lady who worked as a petrol attendant, was one of his easiest prey.  She was so bootylicious, and Emeka wanted her. He had gotten close to her, collected her  number, and given her frequent calls without vocalizing his intentions. Salewa's timidity did not let her see that she was beautiful and had a body men would kill for. When she expected him to ask her out, he didn't; he kept on being her friend even when he knew she was trying so hard to cross the boundary into a more cozy relationship. He pretended he did not notice and kept on  being a good friend. The more he did that, the more frustrated she became. He knew what he  was doing. He wanted her to get to a point where she would have no option but to throw herself  at him. This is exactly what happened. During one of her visits, after many attempts to get him to notice her, after so many parades before him and “mistaken” touches on sensitive parts of his body, she burst out. 


“Yes, dear,” he responded. 

“Look at me!” She positioned herself, bosom first, in his face. He stared at her, looking confused. “Am I not beautiful enough for you?” 

Wow! That was confidence, especially for Salewa.

“Then why don't you notice me?” 

That was what he was waiting for. He took her hands, held them in his, making his eyes  dreamy, and spoke huskily. 

“Don’t say that, Salewa, I notice you. I see you every day, in my dreams, everywhere I go, and I try so hard not to see you because…”

He paused.

“Because what, Emeka?” 

“Because, I value our friendship, and I don’t know how you will feel.” 

“I love you, Emmy,” she blurted out before she pounced on him. 

She spent the weekend in his bed. After one week, that ship sailed for him. He started avoiding her. He started getting irritated with her talk and questions. He tried to introduce her to Udeme, his friend, who had been eyeing her for all this time, yet she tried so hard to keep him interested. 

The more she tried, the more irritated he became. When he saw his next conquest, Uche, who knew what she wanted from the onset and was ready to give in, Emeka invited Uche to come over on the weekend; he knew Salewa would be coming around. Salewa tried to fight Uche, calling her a “boyfriend snatcher”. 

Emeka used that opportunity to tell Salewa to leave his house and never to call him again since she disrupted the peace of his house. He told her never to bug him again. Salewa had begged and pleaded with him, but it was long over before that day.

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