Life of a celebrity Ch.2 Ep. 11
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"Eve announced that she would continue with the movie!"

Everyone roared in joy.

"I really don’t understand this woman. Despite all she has been through, she still manages to push through. She is indeed a strong woman."

Charles had to appraise her before he handed the microphone over to her.

She began by clearing her throat, and then said, "It's sad that I have to do this based on the stories that I’ve heard, not the ones I remember. I sincerely wish I can remember all your faces and all the times we’ve shared. Nevertheless, as I’ve been told that the spotlight finally kicked off last month, I won't let it go down the drain. Let's make this happen!"

They roared with applause and tagged her ‘Eve the wonder woman’. She found it amusing.

On the other hand, Simon rushed home to meet Sonia watching TV. She ignored him when he called her.

"Sonia, why did you do it?"

She panicked at his question.

"Do what?" she asked.

She switched off the TV and faced him. She tried so hard to keep an innocent look.

"Why did you push her?” he asked. “You were there that day, weren’t you? I saw you very close to the line. I didn't figure you could do something like that, until now. This wasn’t a mistake, it was you."

She burst out in tears.

"Sonia, I know you didn't act alone. Someone must have made you do it. Who is behind all these?"

She didn't hesitate to tell him the truth. She had not been herself for the past three weeks. Her conscience hunted her so much. Many times, she just felt like running to him and pouring it out.

"Your father had me do it. He promised me that I would have you to myself if I could just clear her out of the way."

She cried even more but he didn't find it funny.

"Did my dad force you to push her?"

He questioned with red eyes.

"No, but..."

"But what Sonia! He only made a suggestion. You made a decision to carry out his thoughts. Do not blame anybody, not even the devil!"

He made an attempt to walk out but she interrupted him;

"Simon, I did this because of you. You don't even look at me, and ever since that woman returned from wherever she went, things became even worse than before. I  am your wife for God's sake!!!"

"The marriage is fake!!!"

He dropped the bombshell and it exploded right in the centre of her brain.

"No... No..."

Hot tears poured from her eyes.

"How could you be so dumb. I have never touched you Sonia, not even for a day because you are not my property. Do you think I don't know you've been cheating? Of course, I know but that is none of my business. I’ve never hurt you in any way, neither did I hurt anyone close to you. But you went out of your way to hurt the woman that I love. You are going to pay dearly for it!"

He broke her very soul and left her with the police before he met with Yvonne.

The news went viral. The culprit had finally been caught.

Simon hurried up to meet Nkoli who was trying so hard to woo the board of directors so that they could impeach Eve.

He bounced in with his suit and said, "I am here to represent Eve."

"Why isn't she here herself if she is really capable enough to lead this company?" Nkoli asked.

Simon remained quiet for a moment. He opened his briefcase and brought out a document in which she had signed a temporary handover of the company affairs to him.

"You can go through the documents and see for yourself. There is a law that allows anyone capable to temporarily represent any of the board of directors."

Nkoli fired back again, "And how do we know you are capable?!"

Simon snatched the document for his hands, "Well, you would just have to find out!”

Eve was listening to their discussion; she had the hall bugged.

Yvonne walked up to her and asked, "Do you think he is ready?"

She nodded.

"Call him up."

Simon began to wonder about what could possibly have happened; Yvonne called him on the phone and informed him that Eve wasn't feeling well.

He rushed out of the meeting only to see her sipping a glass of wine with her legs crossed.

"Mum called earlier to say that you weren't feeling well," he said with a questionable look.

She walked up to him and embraced him.

"I forgive you," she said.

He didn't understand what she said until minutes later.

"Forgive me? Wait, have you regained your memory?!!"

His eyes opened wide, as he hugged her over and over again.

She smiled for a while and kissed him.

Once he had settled down, she burst his bubble, "Simon, I never lost my memories in the first place."

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